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   Chapter 270 A Diamond Cut Diamond

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8585

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"It seems that you are quite familiar with the Endless Shadow; is that right?" Thomas asked coldly. His normally stern features were clouded further by anger. Warriors like Ricky were the last kind of opponents that he wanted to encounter.

He was strong and prudent which was a problem to begin with. What made things worse was that he knew Thomas's tactics quite well. Thomas had to be really cautious when facing off against him. A small error might lead to fatal consequences in their battle.

Fortunately, Thomas was also one of the finest killers and had survived countless fierce battles. He didn't even remember how many top fighters he had defeated or how many dead bodies he had stepped over in his career.

Ricky was a strong opponent to deal with, so Thomas was nervous but not afraid.

"You flatter me," Ricky scoffed in response. "I'm not familiar with you. I just know some things about the weapons that the Endless Shadow members use." Ricky concealed a small smirk to himself. He began to summon his spiritual energy to power up his skills. He knew that a hard fighting was waiting for him.

"Oh do you really? Then, take this!"

Thomas roared ferociously, gnashing his teeth. His body shot toward Ricky like an arrow off a bow.

Swish! Suddenly, a strong murderous intent broke out from his body. It soon turned into condensed sword-light and sprang at Ricky at an amazing speed. That was the real strength that Thomas possessed!

"Tiger Art Attack!" Ricky's eyes flashed with a bright light. Flaming spiritual energy surrounded and integrated with his body as he spoke. He leaped into the air like a fierce tiger bounding at its prey. Affected by his aura, his Iron Destroyer harnessed the great energy he produced.

The saber-light shot into the sky, followed by a blade of hot flame. In the blink of an eye, the saber and the sword clashed, making a clanging sound.

Then, there was a loud cracking noise from the crossed blades. Sparks jumped in all directions and the area was soon filled with the gleam of saber-light and sword-light, which were mingling with each other.

The tremendous force caused by the collision of the blades pushed the two warriors in different directions. Both of them stumbled back heavily, leaving deep gouges on the ground.

Without any hesitation, feet digging into the dirt beneath them, they bounded on each other once again, striking like lightening.

Both of them activated their Light Apperception to its fullest as they approached each other.

The sword in Thomas's hand glided through th

ry well... I still don't think you can withstand my double attack though. Take this!" Thomas roared in the thrall of his fury.

He started to move at an amazing speed. He was so fast that Ricky could hardly see where he went.

'This looks just like the skill that Monkey Nine used before. I'd better not use my eyes and use my spiritual sense instead, ' Ricky thought to himself as he prepared to change tactics.

Ricky activated his two Supreme Skills. He recognized Thomas's figure and the track of his sword. Without any hesitation, Ricky struck with his saber.

Bang! Their weapons collided again and the sound of metal clashing rang through the air.

"Hah! Is that all you can do?" Ricky laughed coldly as he fended off Thomas's sword with his Iron Destroyer.

"I told you, didn't I?" Thomas mimicked him in mockery. "It's a double attack!"

Thomas had hardly finished his words when he started to move again. He threw down his sword and slapped his chest heavily. Suddenly, streams of black spiritual energy rose out of him like waves from in the ocean. Before Ricky could recognize what the attack was, the black spiritual energy turned into countless fists and rushed ferociously toward Ricky.

"Dual Shadow Punches!" Thomas shouted the name of the attack after he used the skill.

The unexpected attack struck in an instant. Ricky was very close to Thomas, so he hardly had any time to react. What was worse, the punches were strengthened by the force of gravity. That made the situation even more dangerous for Ricky.

If Ricky threw down his weapon, like Thomas had, and resist the attack with his fists, he might have a chance to withstand it.

That was not what he did, however.

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