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   Chapter 269 Meet The Killer Again

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"What? Why did that guy stop? Did he sense me?" Seeing that Thomas had stopped, Ricky was very curious as to why.

While Ricky was watching him closely in curiosity, Thomas took out a white jade tablet from his bag.

"It's over now, and the Bronze Key should be presented to the Shadow King," Thomas said, while looking at the white jade tablet. Then, it was apparent that he intended to crush the white jade tablet within his hand.

However, at that moment, a blade made of flame suddenly sprang up through the air, and suddenly slashed at Thomas's wrist.

If Thomas was to react a little slowly to the attack, his hand would inevitably be cut off. Nevertheless, Thomas's reaction was quite rapid. It could be said that he was always alert and on guard, so he sensed it the moment the blade of flame appeared out of thin air.

Thomas dropped the white jade tablet before he could manage to crush it.

In the instant the white jade tablet was dropped, Ricky appeared. He caught the white jade tablet and directly put it into the Chaotic Fire Zone.

"Hey, it's not over yet. Isn't it a bit rash for you to think you're ready to finish up all your plans?" Ricky said a little lazily as he put his arms up to stretch luxuriously.

Compared to Ricky's lackadaisical demeanor, Thomas looked a lot more serious. He was immediately shocked, and could not believe he had been followed by someone.

Ricky's appearance was very sudden and unexpected. It was like an innate spiritual king that could tear up the space showing up. Thomas could still feel that Ricky's realm seemed to be lower than his own.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Thomas asked coldly. Although he was shocked, Thomas had not lost his cool completely. He decided he should figure out what was happening first.

From that point of view, it could be observed that Thomas was able and crafty, so Ricky could not help but treat him seriously. Ricky never dared to underestimate or had contempt for such a strong and wary adversary.

"It doesn't matter who I am. It's important that I also want that Bronze Key and the eight storage bags that you have looted. Will you give them to me?" Ricky smiled gently.

"Ha-ha!" After hearing Ricky's words, Thomas couldn't help but burst into loud and body wracking laughter that echoed over the area they stood in.

"So, you think my request is funny?" Ricky asked flatly.

"Don't you think it's funny? How can you think that you could ever match up to me in battle? Is it just because you can suddenly ap

n me?" Seeing that Thomas had unexpectedly drawn a saber, Ricky was a little uncomfortable. He also pulled out his Iron Destroyer from on his back and waved it to block the hit.

Ricky used most of his strength to block the attack.

A crisp sound suddenly rang out.

Then, the collision of two sabers made fierce sparks. It was dazzling enough to hurt their eyes.

Crack! At the same time, there was the sound of metal fragmenting. Thomas's long saber was directly fragmented in the strike. When he realized that, he quickly retreated. His weapon was broken, and he had lost an opportunity to attack, after all.

Nevertheless, Ricky did not want to let Thomas retreat like that, so he suddenly set foot on the ground and lunched an attack with his weapon toward Thomas again. He wanted to force Thomas to use his full power.

Sure enough, under Ricky's fierce attack in succession, Thomas's eyes turned serious. He sped up to retreat again. At the same time, Thomas's palm turned around at his waist, and then he pulled out a soft-iron sword.

Whoosh! The delicate soft-iron sword was stretched out, resisting Ricky's second strike. Then, the two were separated again, both glaring at each other with a solemn look in their eyes.

"Humph! So, you are finally willing to pull out your soft-iron sword?" Ricky asked him gently with half lidded eyes.

"It seems that you already know that my real weapon is not a saber, but a sword instead," Thomas replied in a deep and pensive voice.

"I already know your true identity after all—an assassin from the Endless Shadow. The real weapon the assassins of the Endless Shadow wield are all soft-iron swords!" Ricky accused.

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