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   Chapter 268 The People Behind The Scenes

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Among the four people, one was a young woman from the Dahlia Palace, one was a strong man from the Arhat Palace, one was a thin and old man, and the last was an old woman in a black robe. They were all dying, but lay resting with their eyes closed tightly.

Looking around them, the whole area was a total mess. There were cracks in the ground, shattered tree trunks, and there was energy waves that hadn't completely dissipated. All of that indicated that there was a fierce battle that took place there not long ago.

"It seems that I missed a fierce battle, but the key is mine now. Although I still don't know what it's for, it has not fallen into the hands of any of the eight major forces at least." Ricky said gently, standing in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

After witnessing the aftermath, Ricky no longer hesitated. He headed over to the Bronze Key. He was ready to collect it and quickly get out of there.

As he moved to get the key, he felt another presence approach him.

"Somebody's coming!" Ricky said in a low voice with batted breath.

As soon as he said that, a black figure appeared before him. The figure was a slightly young man in a black robe with golden mesh embroidered on his chest. It was obvious that the man was someone from the Arhat Palace.

This man naturally attracted the attention of the four ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement cultivators when he appeared. Only the other man from the Arhat Palace showed excitement on his face when he saw the man. The rest were full of despair at the sight.

"Thomas, it's you! Kill these three guys for me, and get the Bronze Key. Hurry up!" Immediately, the first man from the Arhat Palace commanded the young man.

"Yes, Elder Zarlyk, I intend to." Thomas nodded his head and made a promise to him. Then his ferocious eyes found the three people he was tasked with killing.

"Haha, God bless our Arhat Palace. The Bronze Key still belongs to us and no one else." Seeing that Thomas was heading towards the other three, the first man from the Arhat Palace laughed in joy.

"Thomas is just at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement, but it's quite easy for him to kill three people who are already so injured," Ricky murmured to himself.

"Boy, how dare you! At the Nether Palace, I'm..." Seeing Thomas walking toward him first, the old man from the Nether Palace exclaimed. He was unprepared, but he quickly got ready to fight.

He really had no chance going up against Thomas. Due to his injuries, his realm of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement was just useless.

Before he c


He fell to the ground before he finished his protest at the betrayal. Thomas pulled out his saber and slashed the Elder's neck without hesitation.

'Sure enough, this Thomas is not just an innocent lamb. He wants to monopolize the Bronze Key, but unfortunately, he doesn't realize that there is always someone stronger waiting in the wings to take what they want, ' Ricky murmured gently in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

'This guy seems to love cutting his opponent's throats open when he is killing someone. That reminds me of an organization that I haven't heard from in a long time...' At the same time, Ricky was also faintly reminded of something.

"Sorry, Elder, I never wanted to hand this Bronze Key over to you," Thomas said lightly as he looked at the corpse of the man of the Arhat Palace.

After he picked up the Bronze Key, he went around and looted the corpses of the eight ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement cultivators. He obtained eight storage bags from their bodies. Judging from his excitement, it seemed that there was quite a lot of money and treasure inside the storage bags.

"Thomas... interesting. Unfortunately, everything will eventually belong to me," Ricky said gently. He did not move to attack yet. He wanted to stay away from this place for the moment.

After all, it had been a long time. It would be terrible if there were more cultivators like Thomas and Ricky who had followed in secret.

Later, Ricky followed closely after Thomas away from the place that was covered in bodies. They soon came to a stop in another remote place.

After arriving there, Ricky was ready to start the fight. Thomas had also stopped, as if he knew that Ricky was following him.

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