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   Chapter 266 The Trump Card On Both Sides

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"Is the Skeleton Dragon starting to burn its blood essence?" Ricky murmured when he felt the massive strength from the Skeleton Dragon increasing to the peak of the demi-immortal level.

Then Ricky decided to deny that assumption. It didn't look like the Skeleton Dragon was burning its blood essence from the way it was acting. Both warriors and beasts, after burning their blood essence, became full of strength on the outside and weak in the inside.

At that moment, the power of the Skeleton Dragon reached its peak and its blood vitality was increasing. There was no way it was really burning its blood essence.

At that point, the Fire Dragon Egg in Ricky's Chaotic Fire Zone vibrated more violently, and Ricky felt like his body was shaking from the force it was exuding.

"I guess the Skeleton Dragon is burning the blood essence of someone else. The only thing that can make my body, which has absorbed dragon blood, and the Fire Dragon Egg to respond to it, is the blood essence of a dragon." Ricky was caught by surprise and narrowed his eyes.

"Yes! It's much more likely that it's the blood essence of a Great Dragon. That is what the eight Forces want. Only with the strength of the blood essence of the Great Dragon can the Skeleton Dragon command all the beasts living in this mountain."


"Damn it! Damn it! That creature really dares to burn the blood essence of the Great Dragon?! That blood essence should have been ours!" The eight warriors at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement said coldly, wiping the blood from the corners of their mouths.

"Ha-ha! Those eight old guys have always wanted to grasp the blood essence of the Great Dragon. They didn't expect that I already refined the blood essence of the Great Dragon and got all my power back!" The Skeleton Dragon spoke with a laugh as he looked at his eight opponents.

"So, you will not only fail to get what you want, but you will also die here," the Skeleton Dragon said with a contemplative expression.

"Skeleton Dragon, stop lying to us. If you had refined the blood essence of a Great Dragon, you wo

uldn't have any chance of surviving.

Subsequently, Ricky noticed that the energy of the innate spiritual ball was less than that of the ball he had. The spiritual energy in the white little ball was not pure either.

"I see. That is not an innate spiritual ball. I guess it's just a ball of energy condensed by the master of the Arhat Palace. It's at most a demi-immortal miraculous level orb," Ricky reasoned to himself in a light voice.

"But that demi-immortal miraculous orb doesn't have enough power to defeat the Skeleton Dragon."

The moment Ricky finished talking, the same ball appeared in the palm of the other seven people.

"Why did you have to ruin my plan?! You would have been injured badly, but now..." Ricky said angrily when he saw how prepared they were.

There was really no use in getting upset though.

At that moment, the eight people activated the power inside the little ball and pushed it towards the Skeleton Dragon. Then the eight demi-immortal miraculous orbs collided with the move from the Skeleton Dragon in the middle of the air.

Grumble! Violent waves swept through the area again and swallowed everything around them up in a cloud of dust.

Haunting roars and growls coming from the Skeleton Dragon. It emerged from the cloud with a loud grumble.

"You want my blood essence? Dream on! I won't let you get what you want even if I do die for it."

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