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   Chapter 265 Fierce Battle

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"The Skeleton Dragon! So this is the beast they call Skeleton Dragon?" Ricky murmured after he heard what Zarlyk said.

From the name of this beast, he was even more certain that the Skeleton Dragon had the blood of the Great Dragon. If his Fire Dragon Egg could devour the blood essence of this demi-immortal beast that had the blood of Great Dragon, it would definitely help to speed up the hatching of the Fire Dragon Egg.

Although he was not clear about the feud between this Skeleton Dragon and the Eight Forces, Ricky didn't have a good impression of this Skeleton Dragon. The reason why Ricky didn't like it was that it initiated the surge of beasts regardless of the other beasts and warriors in the Chaotic Region.

Worse still, it was more disturbing to watch the Skeleton Dragon suck in the blood and corpses of warriors and beasts alike.

So Ricky would not have any mercy on the Skeleton Dragon. He would kill it and let the Fire Dragon Egg devour it without hesitation.

Of course, Ricky wasn't able to kill it by himself, but now here were eight powerful warriors at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

"Huh! Those eight old men have fought me in this region for ages. But they still can't kill me. You little guys just said you wanted to kill me? That's really a big joke!" The Skeleton Dragon laughed disdainfully on hearing what Zarlyk said.

"Humph! You crafty creature! If you hadn't hidden away every time, would you be alive now?" The thin old man replied in a cold voice, "Even so, you were still hurt by eight demi-immortals and had to hide for years to heal. Right?

And this time, I think you must have been seriously hurt. Otherwise, you wouldn't have launched a surge of beasts with the risk of exposing your hiding place. For healing, you have to use blood and flesh from the warriors and beasts killed by the surge."

"Yeah, that's it. And I suppose you haven't recovered much. Otherwise, how would you listen to our nonsense here?" That middle-aged man also mocked the Skeleton Dragon.

"Growl! Howl!"

The Skeleton Dragon roared loudly after hearing what they said. Its bloody eyes seemed even more ferocious.

There was no doubt that what those people said was true.

"So, it is impossible for you to run away from us with your badly wounded body. Today, you have no choice but to die here!" Zarlyk said again in a cold voice.


The Skeleton Dragon didn't say a single word. It j

The blistering impact left a horrifying gash on the dragon's head.

With a thump, it collapsed into a heap on the ground, twisting, turning and groaning in pain.

Meanwhile, those eight warriors at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement were not in a good state, either. Each of them had a nasty hit from the blast, and they lay on the ground, heavily bleeding and wincing in pain. More frightening for them was the fact that the dragon, even in the badly injured state, was still demi-immortal and could again blast them with innate power.

But if the beast didn't react, undoubtedly, they'd recover enough to do the final damages.

Just then, as Ricky watched with bated breath, the eight warriors began to revive, gathering their strength bit by bit. As soon as they were strong enough to unleash another strike, they hit the dragon, hoping to finish it off with one surprise blow.


Unexpectedly, the roar of the Skeleton Dragon tore up the air again. People could tell from the roar that it still had some fight in it. Instantly, it hauled itself off the ground, in spite of the gashing wound on its head.

Then the Skeleton Dragon shouted, "If you want to kill me, you are not going to survive either."

In a flash, the dragon's power shot up, peaking at the demi-immortal level. With one last roar, it released a devastating wave of fire, smoke and thunder that swept across the whole area, destroying the inferior power of the eight warriors in an instant.

"The Skeleton Dragon is going to put up a desperate fight! This is one heck of a bad beast they're messing with!" Ricky couldn't believe it.

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