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   Chapter 264 The Skeleton Dragon

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Splatters and smears of blood on the floor were all too intriguing for the people of eight great powers. Their curiosity led them to follow the blood trail to wherever it might take them.

The stench intensified the more they followed the blood trail. The smell of death filled every inch of the surrounding area. Meanwhile, Ricky's senses were tingling as his two powerful zones detected a tremendous power lurking in the depths of where they were.

'Are fierce monsters guarding something valuable over here? Like a Treasure from Heaven and Earth?' Ricky thought to himself.

Despite the fact that there might be a chance that something valuable was hidden in this valley, Ricky did not suppose that the legendary opportunity that every one in the Chaotic Region was seeking, which would crown a warrior as an innate spiritual king, would be found here in this weird valley. And that was why the Eight Demi-immortal Forces only sent their disciples to the valley instead of coming in person to see what was going on.

That only meant one thing, and that was they weren't there for the precious chance to become an innate spiritual king. All the leaders from the Eight Demi-immortal Forces ever wanted was to become innate spirits. They would definitely show up if the opportunity was here in the valley.

Ricky's mind was trailing behind. He snapped out of it and retreated his thoughts. With one cautious foot in front of the other, he focused on the mission they were in and followed the people of eight Forces into the depths of the valley that reeked death.

Finally, after six hours of tedious search, they found the source of the rotten corpse and the end of the blood trail. The monsters they defeated previously were also hiding around.

The trail ended in an immensely deep hole of several hundred meters. It was so deep that no one could see the bottom of it.

Stinky blood and rotten corpses filled here and there in this deep hole. It was safe to assume that all the foul smell were coming from this deep hole.

The defeated monsters that guarded the hole trembled with fear when they met the eyes of the people of eight Forces. But more than this, they were even more scared of what was underneath the layers of corpse and rotten flesh that were inside the hole.

The unsightly scene made Ricky nauseous. He saw that the mound of rotten flesh and corpse were moving. The limbs and the torn down flesh wriggled in unison as if something underneath was causing the movement. It was as if a creature underneath the stack of corpses was devouring at that time.

Ricky's eyes widened. He realized that this was the ferocious power that he had sensed when they got to the valley.

'Hmm. What could it be? What could be lurking underneath this deep hole?' Ricky asked himself.

While all the people of

" A low guttural growl followed the howl.

Suddenly, a ginormous creature emerged from underneath all the rotten and foul smelling corpses. It stood ten meters tall with rotten meat falling off its body. It was velvety scarlet from all the sticky blood that oozed out from its entirety.

It had a huge head, much like that of a dragon's. It was fire red, as if it was made of boiling hot iron. It opened its mouth and sharp black teeth were seen, tattered from all the meat that it chewed when it was still underneath the pile of corpses.

The giant had bones instead of horns that popped out of its head. The pair being about one meter long each and eager to pop out like it was held inside for a long time.

Its front feet were small, much like that of a T-Rex. The rear legs were very bulky, however, like that of an athlete's.

Several sharp bones pricked out of its back to the end of its tail. This made it look more untouchable and deadly that anyone who would dare and fight it would die at the slightest touch of its sharp bones.

"This monster's dragon-shaped head and the Fire Dragon Egg's abnormal reaction indicate there's Great Dragon Blood in its body. No wonder it can command all beasts in the Chaotic Region." Ricky sighed with mixed feelings of horror and amusement.

Ricky also came to the conclusion that the monster could be a demi-spiritual beast since it could speak and understand human tongue.

But when he detected what the creature was, he sensed that the monster might have been seriously injured. This would explain the pile of corpses that it devoured when he was still holed up. Ricky's assumption might be correct, that the pile of meat that it devoured was for its recuperation.

"Skeleton Dragon, you are doomed today! You do not deserve our chiefs to come in person!" The man from the Arhat Palace spoke again and warned the dragon.

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