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   Chapter 263 Following Behind

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6380

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Ricky made up his mind and decided to propose his idea to Tyson and Bastian. Moreover, when the Eight Demi-immortal Forces had requested them to leave, Ricky had decided to secretly return into the valley.

Ricky wouldn't give up on finding the secret in the valley as Tyson said.

"Russell, you shouldn't regard this as a joke. It's not funny at all!" Tyson was surprised and shook his head after hearing what Ricky just said.

Bastian also shook his head with Tyson, intensely agreeing with his reaction.

What a joke! Indeed, Ricky was the best among them. But in the face of the eight Forces, he was nothing more than an insect.

"Tyson, Bastian, I'm not messing around. I am being serious." They seemed unconvinced. Ricky found it necessary to reiterate his idea and assure them that he wasn't kidding.

At that moment, they finally realized that Ricky was determined to do it.

At the same time, both their faces looked grim.

Tyson said in response, "Russell, although I personally don't want to give up as well, I also know it is impossible for us to return into the valley.

Can't you see? We clearly don't have the ability to return into the valley without losing our lives."

"I completely agree with Tyson. Russell, I know it's a tempting opportunity. But we are doomed to fail. It is unwise for us to push through it," Bastian added.

"I'm a hundred percent certain that I can sneak into the valley undetected. Don't you believe me?" Ricky said earnestly.

Hearing his words, Tyson and Bastian went silent.

"Tyson and Bastian, I won't risk my life if I know I can't do it. Trust me. I have my ways," Ricky added when he saw they hadn't responded.

Ricky was trying to tell them that he was certain he could do it but he couldn't tell them how, because it had to be a secret.

They truly understood what Ricky said and exchanged looks with each other with a slight nod

have indeed injured these two beasts at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement before during the enormous surge of beasts. These beasts have been fighting for a long time and their strengths are slowly depleting, ' Ricky said to himself as he observed in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

'In other words, they know what was about to happen next. They solved the problem in advance, '

Ricky thought.

Of course, he was curious about the secret hidden in the valley, so he thought a lot.

The battle came to an end. The eight Forces went into the valley and Ricky followed closely behind.

Ricky could go into the valley and search by himself. But the eight Forces knew more than Ricky and it would be easier for him to just follow them.

The reeking smell entered Ricky's nose and he felt the heat growing even more intense as soon as he went into the valley. The smell was so intense that it was probably the cause of the scorching heat.

The eight Forces swallowed some pills. Ricky assumed that the pills were to help them hold their breaths.

Besides the reeking smell and heat, pools of blood were all over the ground.

'It seems that the corpses of the warriors and beasts have all been moved inside the valley, ' Ricky thought as he tailed the eight Forces.

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