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   Chapter 262 The Overbearing Eight Forces

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"But before we head into the valley, we need to deal with something first,"

Zarlyk said as his voice became cold and his face grew dark. A killing intent was emerging from his eyes. Immediately, the chilling aura belonging to a warrior at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement filled their surroundings.

Then he glanced with intensity over the direction where the warriors were hiding. It should've been obvious that the man's impeccable strength granted him the ability to sense right from the start that that they were secretly watching him.

"I can see where you are hiding. Come out you weak and useless cowards!" Zarlyk shouted in a loud and chilling voice.

The warriors walked out of their hideouts one after the other. Almost all of them were wearing complex expressions: a mix of awkwardness and fear. They were unwilling to admit that they were cowards. Yet they chose to show up in response to Zarlyk because whether they were hiding or not did not make any difference. Zarlyk had already noticed them and was ready to engage when necessary.

"From now on, only warriors from the Eight Demi-immortal Forces are allowed to appear within one kilometer of this valley. I suggest you leave immediately. Otherwise, I would have to kill you!"

Arrogantly looking at the large group of people, the man claimed confidently with a disdainful look. For him, those warriors did not even deserve to breathe the same air he did. As a demi-immortal, he deeply disregarded the value of their lives.

"No! Why would we leave? That's totally insane! We're not going to leave on your command! This is not the territory of the Arhat Palace! You don't have any right to send us away!" The man's aggressive claim caused a stir among the crowd. They all shouted angrily, simultaneously objecting his unreasonable request. This valley was a public area and anyone had the right to stay here.

The young lady from the Dahlia Palace, on the other hand, remained silent. She looked at the emotional throng, a smile resting on her face. Needlessly to say, she agreed with Zarlyk. Also she did not mean to say or do anything to calm down the furious crowd or convince them to leave.

"What did you just say? Could you repeat them for me, please?"

Those objections did not help them earn their right to stay in the valley. Instead, they irritated the man. His eyes grew darker and his face became tenser. Finally, he discharged his power and targeted it forcefully towards the warriors who screamed to refuse his request to leave the area.

It was by no means a weak force. The warriors who were relatively closer to the man, or those who were weak, were pushed back quite a few steps and had to exert all their strength to steady themselves. Some of them suffered from a tight chest due to the shockwave and almost coughed blood! Without a question, the man's power was extremely overwhelming.

'So this is the strength at the ninth grade, the peak level of Bone Reinforcement? It deserves to be dimmed as the highest level a mortal could ever achieve! So strong and powerful!' Ricky sighed silently; he was also in shock. Obviously, he also felt how strong the man was. Even if he was not the target of the man's attack, he also had to channel his internal strength just to keep himself from being pushed back.

Thanks to Zarlyk's excellent performance in releasing his power to intimidate the protesters, everyone stopped complaining. The area was filled with silence in an instant. They did not realize how much stronger he was than them until now. The man did not launch any direct attack and merely released his aura, yet they were already unable to withstand it. Should they insist staying here, he could probably crush them into pieces when he launched a physical strike.

However, despite the understanding brought by his move, they still felt rather unhappy to leave,

tards! How could they just assume ownership of that valley! That place was made to be open to everyone! Now, fine! We are kicked out of there and they are going getting their hands on the great chance we wanted for ourselves!" Tyson cursed with a loud voice, not afraid of getting discovered anymore.

"Easy, Tyson! There's nothing we can do about it. In the Chaotic Region, the eight forces dominate the area. They are definitely unparalleled. They can claim whatever they want. No one would dare challenge them except themselves," Bastian comforted.

"Humph! Bastards! When I get to be a demi-immortal, I will definitely kill all of them once and for all!" Tyson blurt out with a merciless voice.

"I'm sure the eight forces must have known what was inside the valley. Otherwise, they would not have put much effort in keeping the other warriors away from it. If they had no clue at all, they would be more than glad to see other people go inside and search the valley, so that they could take advantage of other warriors as they fish for information without having to fight and risk their bodies," Ricky said before he thought for a while, with furrowed brows.

"Yes, you are right! That's exactly what they are doing; taking advantage of others to accomplish their own goals!" Bastian nodded.

"There must be some precious treasures in the valley! I know it! I am sure of it! Damn it! I would only wish that they go insane and crazy enough to start killing one another in order to obtain the treasures. Wish all of them die miserably and burn in hell! For eternity!" Tyson would not stop cursing resentfully. He had no plans of stopping anytime soon.

"Ha-ha!" Ricky and Bastian exchanged looks with each other and burst into laughter upon hearing Tyson's words.

The two guys were also extremely unhappy that they were forced to leave the valley.

"What's so funny, Russell? Are we really going to let the chance go so easily because of the so-called shit of eight forces? Probably a great opportunity - which could enable us to become innate spiritual kings - is waiting for us somewhere in the valley!" Tyson said, breathing deeply to ease his anger.

Both Ricky and Bastian stopped laughing and went silent.

"You are right, Tyson. What about this? You guys keep leaving this area, and I'm going back alone to discreetly watch their next moves. I'll make sure to find whatever secret is hiding in there. Sounds good?" Determined, Ricky announced before he thought carefully for a few moments. Tyson's words alarmed him. He did not want to miss the opportunity.

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