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   Chapter 261 The Arhat Palace And The Dahlia Palace

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At that moment, all warriors there including Ricky and his two partners gathered around the valley and swiftly hid themselves. They were considering how they should successfully enter the valley.

There were so many beasts wandering around the valley, and there was no lack of powerful beasts at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement. The beasts guarded the valley warily.

Some specific beasts at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement were also possibly hiding in the valley. When the surge of beasts had come, quite a few beasts at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement appeared in the Upper Region. It was thanks to the eight demi-immortals who had taken actions; the beasts would have surely taken over the Chaotic Region otherwise.

Moreover, the level

." Lilian grinned innocently.

"Ha-ha, you're being modest, aren't you, Lilian? So many beasts at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement have been badly hit or killed by the demi-immortals during the surge of beasts. I don't think a single beast can defeat you now. Since you have asked me for help, I am willing to lend a hand though." Zarlyk laughed and replied without hesitation.

"Thank you so much!" Lilian smiled.

'So, that's why Zarlyk and Lilian can swagger to the front of the valley like that without a beast at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement appearing. Turns out almost all the high grade beasts were already killed by them!' Rickey sank deep in thought after he heard that.

Right then, Ricky felt a strong wave of murderous intent!

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