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   Chapter 260 An Eerie Surge Of Beasts.

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"True. When a normal surge of beasts occurs, nearly all the beasts are on the prowl, roaming around madly." Kristen nodded.

A few seconds later, her eyes lit up as if she had sensed something.

Tyson's eyes met Kristen's. He also sensed that something anomalous was brewing.

"I am sure you have recognized it already. Now think about the surge of beasts that happened about ten days ago. I can discern that there is something unusual going on. Nearly all the beasts were not frenzied then," Ricky explained.

"You can see it during the course of your previous hunts."

"It's true, I have noticed it as well. I have been fighting with these beasts more than I can count. I have seen them in their actual strength and they are not to be overlooked, especially in their state of madness!" Tyson agreed.

"Then, is it safe to say that this eerie surge of beasts was not a normal surge of beasts?" Kristen speculated.

"Maybe," Ricky replied.

"But, these countless beasts attacked the whole Chaotic Region. Isn't that a normal surge? Even if these beasts were controlled by the tamers from our region, it is still questionable how they can manage such a vast number of them." Kristen furrowed her eyebrows trying to put two and two together.

"For those beast tamers who are able to control all the wild beasts in this Chaotic Region, it's worthless to launch a fake surge of beasts, because they think nothing of us and our belongings."

"Ah, it can't be the beast tamer. The beast tamer only launches an attack to plunder resources. But you see, this surge went out suddenly and unexpectedly," Ricky explained.

"There is also something unusual going on with them. When they retreated, they carried two or three bodies of dead warriors with them!"

"Indeed! I remember it, too. It's a good thing you mentioned that part, Russell. I nearly forgot that they carried bodies with them!" Tyson exclaimed. He finally figured out the pieces of the puzzle.

"It's very strange, indeed. Coupled with the fact that these beasts are not in a state of madness, this surge will really make people wonder if it is a normal one!" Kristen interjected.

They were all in contemplation as they tried to figu

premonition that if some kind of treasure was discovered in this Chaotic Region, disastrous bloody clashes would be inevitable. Especially in this situation where all sorts of people were mixed up.

However, they did not overthink the issue. They just raced into the depths of the mountains, and tried to avoid other warriors.

When they reached their destination, Ricky and Tyson experienced the scorching heat Bastian mentioned. It was scalding and sweltering, as if the place itself was forged in fire.

To make matters worse, the stench of death was everywhere. They all felt light-headed and dizzy as soon as they arrived.

"I have heard of the surge of beasts before. But, it's so hot here and all the corpses of the beasts and warriors had disappeared without a trace. There must be something odd going on. I must uncover its secrets." Despite this, Tyson determinedly continued to trek through their journey.

"Let's move on first!"


When they arrived, they saw the place surrounded with beasts everywhere. The vicious beasts were in packs, patrolling clockwise around the valley. It was as if they were safeguarding something very important in there.

Moreover, it seemed that the source of the dryness and extreme heat can be found in the depths of the valley.

And, outside the valley, the stench of decomposing corpses pervaded.

"It seems that the answer to the mystery of the eerie surge of beasts lies in this valley," Ricky murmured.

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