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   Chapter 259 Surge Of Beasts

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"What's happening? Can you hear the roars of the beasts? It sounds like there are endless beasts! They must be getting closer and closer!" Tyson knitted his eyebrows together and gazed into the distance anxiously.

His heart was beating faster and faster. He had an ominous feeling that something terrible was approaching them.

Without any hesitation, Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen rushed out of the room. They were soon surrounded by the warriors of the Manor Gang who had also sensed the danger that was approaching.

"Leaders, what's happening?" the warriors asked anxiously.

"We'll talk about it later. For right now, just close the gates! Be quick about it!" After the gates were closed, Kristen directed several warriors to reinforce their castle's defenses. "Listen to those fierce roars! It must be a great surge of beasts!" said Kristen with a sullen look on her face.

"What? A surge of beasts?!" The warriors were taken aback; they were left exchanging scared glances with each other.

They all knew what a surge of beasts meant for them. It was a catastrophe that was coming for the warriors.

A surge of beasts, just as its name implied, meant that the beasts living in the mountains entered an almost rabid frenzy for some unknown reason. Due to that frenzy, all they wanted to do was to kill humans, especially any warriors they could find.

The beasts would then gather together and attack the residence they found recklessly.

After a terrible fight, both the beasts and the human warriors would surely suffer great losses. It tended to be a lose-lose situation, but it still happened regularly in some areas.

"That...can't be possible! There has never been a surge of beasts in the Chaotic Region!""Yes! We've never heard of it happening here before!" The members were astonished by her words. They didn't believe what she told them.

They did have reason to question her. Surges of beasts only happened in certain specific places and times. Since no one had ever experienced a surge of beasts in that particular area before, it was reasonable to doubt that there ever could be one in the Chaotic Region.

"Yes! I agree with the warriors. Kristen, I don't think it is a surge of beasts," Ricky said and shook his head slightly.

"It's getting closer. Let's go to the top of the castle and see if we can make out what that noise is!" "Hurry up!" Kristen commanded. Despite the situation she kept her composure. .

Soon, all the members gathered at the top of the castle.

The moment they saw what was happening, they froze in terror. Their eyes were fixed on the sc

d. Before leaving, each of them seized the corpses of several warriors. .

After the surge of beasts, many small gangs were entirely destroyed. The stronger ones also suffered great losses from the struggle.

It was actually a great opportunity for some gangs to improve their status. Most gangs were too busy to think about that though. To them, the first priority was to recover from the effects of the beast's invasion.

It was not until half a month later that the gangs regained their vigor.

Then, it was time for the leaders and warriors to sit down and discuss the plan for their next step. .

In one of the halls of the Manor Gang, Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen gathered together. They were worried about the future of their gang.

"The surge of beasts messed up our original plan. If there hadn't been such a disaster, we would have been making our way to the Middle Region by now. Now we have to put that plan on the back burner," Ricky said in a dejected tone.

"Who'd have thought that would happen! Maybe it was just the will of the Heavens." Tyson shook his head. "Our gang has suffered a great deal this time. All of our shops were destroyed. We also lost nearly one fourth of our warriors."

"Let's not waste our time complaining. We'll wait patiently for a new opportunity," Kristen said in a low but firm voice. "Though this is a great time for us to step into the Middle Region, we can't just go and leave this awful mess to Trent and Bastian."

"Oh, Kristen. I have a question. You said that, during the surge of beasts, the beasts would enter an almost rabid frenzy and all they wanted to do was to kill. Is that always the case?" Suddenly, something strange sprang to Ricky's mind and he had to ask.

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