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   Chapter 258 Dominating The Lower Region

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The Panther Gang had been destroyed! There was no Panther Gang any more.

That piece of news spread over the whole Lower Region instantly like a fierce storm.

It was not strange that the news spread so fast. Every gang had its own informants that could be found everywhere around the Lower Region. The informants had definitely heard about the news of the fierce battle.

It was normal for gangs to be destroyed in battle in the Chaotic Region. The region was a place where anything could happen. Nobody felt like there was anything strange about it usually.

Things were different this time. This piece of news shocked them because the gang being destroyed this time was the powerful Panther Gang, which was one of the Top Four Gangs. Counting its predecessor form, the Shen Clan, it had stayed in power for over one hundred years. Due to its long history, and profound foundation, no gangs could defeat it easily. It seemed impossible that someone could destroy it completely. Even the other three biggest gangs didn't dare to boast that they could defeat the Panther Gang.

However, such a powerful gang in the Lower Region had now been destroyed overnight by a new gang that had only been set up for less than a month. Such an amazing thing surely astonished every warrior in the Lower Region.

At that moment, all the warriors in the Lower Region were spreading word of the new and mysterious power called the Manor Gang. The situation was far too astounding!

Soon, everyone was talking about the strength of the Manor Gang. Surprisingly, there were two casting masters at the intermediate Mortal Level in the Manor Gang. Casting masters at that level would surely win all the people's respect in the whole Middle Region, not to mention the Lower Region.

The previous Axe Gang had become a part of the Manor Gang. The one who managed to kill the leader of the Panther Gang was Tyson of the Manor Gang! Both those facts were surprising news to the warriors in the area.

Of course, they also heard that the top leader of the Manor Gang was a beautiful lady that was also a powerful warrior at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement. If she wasn't powerful enough, she wouldn't be able to destroy the Panther Gang overnight like that. There were also rumors that several warriors at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement were in the Panther Gang.

Surprisingly, the Manor Gang took major action again before everyone in the area managed to recover from the shock.

At the dawn of the next day, the warriors of the Manor Gang rushed to the castle of the Ghost Gang and easily took control of the Ghost Gang's daunting fortress.

After investigating,

that, Ricky also organized several hunting teams. Hunting was not only one of their important industries, it was also a good way to solve the problem of food resources.

Of course, more members were needed in order to develop the Manor Gang further. Recruiting new members was very important to their expansion. Kristen took over the job of recruiting. She was sure to be very strict with it.

Thousands of gold coins were earned by the Manor Gang every day using those methods.

Less than a month later, everything was on track. The Manor Gang had totally dominated the Lower Region in both the aspect of fighting power and industrial domination. No gang was comparable with it by that time.

Since then, the gangs of the Lower Region had formed a new hierarchy of one super, two strong, and five hegemonic gangs!

One day, Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen got together to discuss some things.

"Kristen, we have achieved our goal of dominating the Lower Region of the Chaotic Region in only two months. Our strength has also been greatly improved with the use of sufficient cultivation resources," Ricky reported.

"Yes, the result is much better than we ever imagined," Kristen replied.

"So, for our next step, let's take over the Middle Region!" Tyson said with intense excitement and ambition in his voice.

After all, they had no opponents in the Lower Region anymore. Their level wouldn't be improved by staying here.

"That's right. Our next thing to aim for is taking over the Middle Region!" Ricky nodded his head firmly.


They suddenly heard a deafening roar tear through the air. The ground seemed to be shaking from the sound. All of their hearts palpitated in fear at the sound! They were all aware that something dangerous was approaching!

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