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   Chapter 257 The End Of The Battle

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Warriors on either side didn't react until a long time after the blast waves completely ceased to exist. They were shocked by what had just happened.

"Dead? Dead! Two young masters of the Shen Clan have been killed!" Warriors from the Panther Gang were too shaken up to say anything.

As for warriors of the Axe Hall who followed Ricky here, they were all silent out of shock. Especially when they saw the two burnt corpses, it made them recoil.

Ricky put his Iron Destroyer away after the blast wave had dispersed. It took him effort to restrain his now raging power and finally clam down.

Then, overlooking the welkin, Ricky found the killing sprees and the smell of blood were not as strong as what it had been. Slowly he said, "This battle seems to be over. The Panther Gang will be history in the Chaotic Region."

There was no shadow of doubt in his heart that Tyson, buoyed by the pride of their current success, would defeat Abner—the leader of the Panther Gang. After all, Tyson was regarded as a genius who could always challenge those stronger than him.

Likewise, he was sure that Trent and his brother could beat Thaddeus to a pulp. The Axe Gang had seized their moment of glory, which Trent and his brother were both determined to make the best use of.

Maybe, Nicholas was the only member of this team about whom he wasn't fully convinced. Especially, since his opponent - Marcus, the first vice-leader of the Panther Gang, was as powerful as him. But Ricky knew Nicholas would try his very best. In addition, it didn't make any difference whether Marcus would win the battle. After all, what difference would it make if he won a single battle, when his gang was already licking their wounds?

'Forget about that for the time being, ' Ricky thought to himself. The task at hand was more important. 'I'll have to take it one step at a time, ' he decided. Then turning to the warriors of the Panther Gang, he offered, "Now, I will give you another choice. You either leave that damn gang of yours or die! The choice is yours."

The cold look on his face alone was enough to send a shiver through the warriors of the Panther Gang. Already, he had proved his power and influence. Just in case anyone doubted his intentions, the lifeless bodies of the two young masters from the Shen Clan were still in sight. But he conducted himself with great restraint, showing mercy, on the odd chance that these warriors would surrender.

After all, he wasn't that kind of man addicted to killing. For as long as the criminal elements were eliminated, he'd keep it as civil as possible. But that did not mean he'd

a-ha, you are really something to me!" Tyson laughed excitedly.

"Well, next we should go to the Ghost Gang to help Kristen. Trent, I'll leave everything here under the two of you. Thank you for your efforts!" Ricky said.

"Rest assured, we will hold the fort for you while you're away!" Trent and his brother both nodded their heads and promised in unison.

Without further ado, Ricky and Tyson then prepared to leave.

But just as they lifted the soles of their feet, a familiar figure came rushing to them. At once, they both knew it was Kristen.

Kristen instantly arrived. Studying the place, she asked, "Am I too late for a piece of the action? Oh my bad. You guys solved everything so fast!"

"Kristen, how is everything going for you?" Ricky was a little worried about her, because she came back a little faster than they had thought.

"Just as Nicholas said, the Ghost Gang planned to take actions, but not on today. They didn't have the slightest clue we would attack them today. And they didn't even know I would go there secretly," Kristen said.

"When I sneaked into their leader's room, the old man was sloshed. I killed him with no effort at all. As for those three vice-leaders, they were just too weak to be mentioned.

By the way, I even made a breakthrough just now, and then came here.

It seems that we think too highly of these two gangs. I think we don't need to do anything tomorrow. The Ghost Gang will spiral downward into chaos, all by themselves."

"Hmm.., Kristen, that's because you are simply too powerful for any of them!" Ricky smiled.

In admiration of her success, Tyson and the other warriors smiled from ear to ear.

"You are just flattering me!"

Right now, joy among them was palpable.

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