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   Chapter 256 The Wrath Spirit Attack

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10320

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"Wrath Spirit Attack!"

the two brothers from the Shen Clan howled again to summon another murderous skill. Gradually, the black spiritual energy on their bodies was transformed into blood-black spiritual energy, while their killing momentum was becoming more intense. Without stopping, the strong killing momentum was turned into a storm that was sweeping toward Ricky!

"What an overwhelming murderous intent! It could almost be as strong as the murderous intent that was broken out by the Heaven Slaughtering Fire in my body!" Ricky murmured to himself in a hardly audible voice. He had realized the seriousness of the situation, so his eyes grew darker and deeper.

Meanwhile, Ricky saw that, due to the influence of their strong murderous intent, every hair on his body was standing up. The reaction was completely out of his control.

What was more surprising was that the three kinds of flame power in Ricky's body had slowly been automatically triggered. He didn't even exert any effort to launch them. In other words, the three flames in Ricky's body seemed to be threatened and were about to burst out of him by themselves.

At the moment when the brothers' black spiritual energy was completely transformed into the blood-black spiritual energy, their power also began to soar!

One could see that the blood-black spiritual energy quickly gathered behind the two brothers and turned into two blood-black human shadows. On each part of the shadows, there was strong murderous intent spreading around them!

Then, Ricky saw that there was blood dripping from all the fingertips of the two brothers. The blood dripped directly into the blood-black shadows! Immediately, the blood-black shadows were becoming more distinct and gruesome. It was as if they were some bloody corpses that were crawling out of a blood pool!

Then, it seemed that the blood-black shadows had come alive. Each shadow then opened its arms and wrapped them around each of the two brothers. They were like war robes that were covering their masters!

In that instant, the two bloody and harrowing shadows were completely infused and combined into the two brothers' bodies!

What was more obvious was that the momentum of the two brothers was stronger than ever!

"Wrath Spirit Robe!" the brothers bellowed furiously again. It was as if the blood shadows had heard them, and they were completely transformed into two spiritual energy robes. Each was wrapping one brother as well as the silver sword in each brother's hand.

"The First Wrath Spirit Attack—Bloody Sword Attack!"

In the next moment, the two brothers jumped into the air at the same time. They then spat blood onto their swords, making the blood light of the swords brighter and giving them a more intense murderous spirit. A moment later, the two swords hummed and collided with each other.

At that exact moment, between the two swords, a fierce blood-black spiritual energy swept through like a violent storm. It was immediately turned into a shadow of a giant bloody sword with inexhaustible murderous spirit. Without an

ons. He had to kill the two brothers in that instant; otherwise, his identity could be exposed at any minute.

'It seems that in future fights, I have to pay serious attention. I will be more likely to reveal my identity if I'm not careful. My next urgent task is to find a new cultivation method as soon as possible!' Ricky thought quickly to himself as he fought.

Ashton did not expect that his life could end like that. Due to his conjecture and doubt about Ricky's identity, he had to be eliminated!

"This… This is…" When the two brothers saw what was happening, they were overwhelmed and at a loss for words. There was only tremendous fear left in their eyes. They were totally running out of power by then, so they were aware of what was waiting for them!

Even if they started to burn blood essence and regained their power, it would be far too late.

As for the warriors around them, they were thunderstruck. They stood with their mouths agape as if they could each swallow a baseball.

"Tiger Flame Punch!" Ricky bellowed and launched his final strike. The two brothers didn't have enough time to pick their final words. Ricky's two flaming punches had already hit them as they tried, and immediately, flames covered their bodies!

As they burned up, all that could be heard was two pitiful screams ringing out!

"No, I'm not ready to die!" Craig howled angrily. Then, his howl came to an abrupt end and he fell to the ground with a dull thud. He was so weak that he could no longer resist a precise strike from Ricky!

"Ah! You are…" Ashton also howled bitterly from inside the flame and was rather unwilling to be killed like that. It seemed that he had realized who Ricky really was, but before he could finish speaking, he was also dead. His burned up corpse collapsed onto the ground.

At that point, the fierce battle between the two parties finally came to an end. The audience then found that, within the area of the mighty shock waves, there were two burned corpses on the ground. Ricky stood there as the only survivor.

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