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   Chapter 255 Devouring Strike

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The strong and powerful sword-light swept through the air. The whole place was covered by the smite. People who were far away from the battle could also feel the power.

The strikes seemed to combine, coming toward Ricky with an incredible murderous force. It was scary to even imagine if Ricky could take that blow.

'The momentum from this cultivation method is so powerful. Though it looks simple, it's surprising how the warriors manage to strike from every direction. It leaves the opponent no place to hide nor find an escape. I'll have to take the bull by the horns, ' Ricky thought to himself as he watched the fierce display of power.

Eyes lighting up with keen interest, he badly wished he could master this cultivation method.

Although it was a sword cultivation method and needed two people to practice, Ricky believed that with the power of his two zones, he would be able to transform this set of sword method into his saber method.

Now, although the power looked intimidating, Ricky was not afraid at all.


The waves of spiritual energy swept across the field. Ricky channeled the force of roaring flames combined with the devouring runes.

Given the dreadful force of every strike, Ricky would have to use a completely different way to fight back. He decided to use the devouring power to resist their strike and eliminate the threat via his Devourer Zone.

The scarlet runes started spreading and formed into so many bloody mouths sticking with the Iron Destroyer, which seemed to tear the saber apart.

Then Ricky's eyes turned the color of blood, flashing with beams as if he had two powerful torches. While at it, he waved his saber with all his might.

To be precise, he didn't just simply swing the saber. It was something more. In essence he was using an intense and calculated movement that formed by endless devouring runes.

This was Ricky's best Devouring Skill move so far. For the very first time he had maximized all the po


As they hit the ground, they spat blood, their chests burning like they had hot coals for lungs. The clang of their silver swords lingered in the air for what seemed like an eternity.

"How can it be! The strength of this guy's body refinement is quite unbelievable. How could he crush our swords so easily as though they were a child's plaything?" baffled Ashton blurted, his face deathly pale.

"And those strange scarlet runes made little of our strike in flash. He got a lot of secrets!" As he spoke, Craig badly wished he could acquire Ricky's powers.

"Wow. I'm impressed! With that fierce fists, you guys just spat out a little blood. I may have underestimated you," said Ricky disdainfully, towering over them, legs apart, arms akimbo.

But after a moment's thought, his expression changed a contemplative one. These two were not easy to deal with. The power of their cultivation method would double when they combine forces. He'd have to be careful about about that.

"Another hell of a fight, I like it!" Ricky thought to himself.

"Don't be too arrogant, Russell! The power you channeled just now actually relies on your level of body refinement, method of cultivation, and the strange runes. Well, now you'll see how we crush you!" Craig growled when heard Ricky.

"Wrath Spirit Attack!"

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