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   Chapter 254 The Fierce And Bitter Fighting

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The three people collided and produced a deafening noise and intense blast. Immediately, the intense air blast was turned into waves of air ripples. The ripples swept hard outward buffeting the area all around them. Meanwhile, the strong momentum of the air blast even forced the three warriors to retreat involuntarily.

Clack! Clack! The sound of retreating footsteps could be heard. Ricky and the two young masters of the Shen Clan were forced to step back at the same time!

"Wow, you two are pretty good, much stronger than your younger brother. Clearly, you both have stepped into the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement! That's something I didn't expect! Unfortunately, you just reached that grade not long ago and your powers are still unstable, right? You are both doomed to be defeated by me!" Ricky whispered. In his tone, there was a trace of appreciation of his opponents and incredible confidence in himself!

"How could that happen?! A warrior at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement is actually showing the power of a warrior at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement!" The two brothers were so startled, while Rick was smirking in easy confidence.

They were so shocked because the power that Ricky had just used seemed to be more powerful than their own.

If one of them fought against Ricky alone, it was sure that they would suffer a great loss at his hands.

During the nearly a month of casting Ricky had done recently, he had made a breakthrough and reached the second grade of Bone Reinforcement. With the help of the ideal realm in his weapon casting, he completely strengthened his realm at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement. His combat power was also completely consolidated at the fifth grade of Bone enforcement!

All the gains he made were due to Ricky's new insight about weapon casting!

"My two young masters, it's said that Russell took a pill that could hide a warrior's real power and momentum. Please don't be deceived by the weakness he is displaying on purpose!" a warrior from the Panther Gang shouted trying to remind his young masters not to be fooled.

"A pill that can hide a warrior's real power!" the two young brothers repeated. The shocking looks in their eyes were suddenly replaced by the looks of greed. It was said that the pill that could hide a warrior's real power and momentum was likely to be pills at the rank of King Level. It was something extremely hard to find!

'A pill that can hide a warrior's real power and momentum?' Ricky muttered to himself silently. 'Although I would like to refute you and tell you the truth, perhaps it is better for me if you don't know the truth. Otherwise, things might get tricky to handle for me!'

Ricky was right. Such a situation that a warrior defeated another warrior three levels higher than him was just too shocking.

Even when Tyson and Kristen mentioned that Ricky could defeat someone three levels higher than him, they had also found it hard to believe…

"It turns out that you took that kind of pill. What a sneaky tactic! We almost suffered a great loss due to our ignorance. Now, we know what you did and you should just prepare to die!" Ashton, the older br

genius when it came to weapon casting, but he was also powerful when it came to martial arts skills. Under the leadership of such a powerful new leader, they no longer had any doubts or grudge against the Axe Gang's incorporation into the Manor Gang!

"Nothing is impossible. The reason you can't believe it is because you are not so powerful yet. If you two only had this kind of power, it would be so disappointing to me because I have not completely shown you how much power I have!" Ricky said seriously as he flipped his palm and easily summoned the Iron Destroyer back into his hand.

"What an arrogant man you are! You are simply relying on your damn body refining cultivation method. There is nothing for you to be proud of," the two brothers responded sharply, full of disdain. "Wait and see! We will definitely kill you by our next and final strike."

"What you said is just cliche to me. You know what, all the warriors who said those words to me before have been killed by my Iron Destroyer!" Ricky said and grinned. The fighting spirit that had been silent in his body for a month was suddenly aroused again.

"Three Killing Swords—Joint Vertical and Horizontal Attack, one fatal attack!"

the two brothers bellowed furiously, totally ignoring Ricky's arrogant and intimidating words. They were gathering all their energy and power on their swords for a truly fatal attack!

"Vertical Sword Attack—Break the mountain apart!" Ashton, the older brother, shouted furiously and summered his attack skill. Meanwhile, he jumped high into the air and chopped downward with his sword. Immediately, the audience felt a strong momentum exuding from his sword. The virtual shadow of a huge mountain showed up, setting off the fierce power of his sword attack!

"Horizontal Sword Attack—Sweep away thousands of troops!" Craig, the younger brother, shouted through gritted teeth. At once, he ran quickly toward Ricky's side, slashing his sword toward Ricky. The audience then felt a momentum like thousands of troops burst out from the younger brother. As his momentum burst out, he was swooping towards Ricky fiercely!

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