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   Chapter 252 The Slaughter Began

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Suddenly, the door was pushed open. A woman in a red dress walked in. It was Kristen.

This Kristen seemed very different from who she was. She had been sick for quite a while. She had been pale and lifeless because of her utilization of the power of her eyes to defeat her enemies. But now, she looked like totally revitalized, as if she was stronger than before. Her eyes sparkled with energy. Anyone who was caught by her glistening eyes were in for a trip they wouldn't be able to escape.

Both Ricky and Tyson were thrilled at the sight of her. They left their seats in a hurry and walked towards her. "Kristen! What a surprise! Seems that you've been feeling better!" Tyson blurt out with delight written all over his face. "Oh finally you're recovered! What a relief!" greeted Ricky with excitement.

"Yes, here am I! If I left myself glued on the bad and lifeless for eternity, I would have been a great burden to you guys," Kristen replied with a smile resting on her face.

"So, this is the first leader of the Manor Gang, am I right?" Nicholas also stood up and bowed to Kristen before speaking. At the same time, he sized her up discreetly and sensed that the woman was strong enough to defeat him in the blink of an eye.

'So, the first leader of the Manor Gang is a woman?! That's incredible! Being the first leader means that she is stronger than Russell and Tyson!' Nicholas exclaimed in his mind.

"Ha-ha! Yes, you are right. This lady is none other than the first leader of the Manor Gang. She had been injured the past few days. But now, she's fully recovered as we all could tell from her refreshed look," Ricky turned to Nicolas and explained with proud eyes.

"With all due respect, may I know how strong you are?" Nicholas turned his eyes to Kristen and asked humbly. This was what he was most curious about. Now that he decided to cooperate with the Manor Gang, he would prefer to make sure this gang was being led by a strong warrior.

"I would say I won't disappoint you in this respect, Nicholas. You have my words, and you do not have to worry one bit. Now that I've made up my mind to stop the Ghost Gang from bringing tyranny to this place, I'll surely try my best. I believe my strength grants me the capability to take the Ghost Gang down. Otherwise, I would not make such a promise. Putting myself at risk is never my style," Kristen replied, a confident smile resting on her delicate face.

"That's great! I understand everything more clearly now. Thank you for your kind explanation," Nicholas replied back as he nodded to show his acknowledgment.

"I think I've achieved my goal in coming here to visit you guys. I better leave and return immediately. Otherwise, Abner would notice my prolonged absence, and that might lead him to having doubts about me. That is the last thing we would want to happen.

I'm very glad that we've reached a consensus today. Keep our plan in mind and hold on to your words, please. Because I surely will!"

Nicholas made a bowed slightly to everyone before he bade goodbye. He had told them everything - what happened between his family and Abner, the current leader of the Panther Gang, and why he was determined to take revenge on him - to the core members of the Manor Gang. At the same time, he was lucky enough to see Kristen - the woman who was respected by both Ricky and Tyson - with his own eyes. Staying for a longer time would only increase the risk of arousing Abner's suspicions. Thus, he left immediately and headed quickly back to the Panther Gang.

After Nicholas left, Ricky reported his story to Kristen.

in any future fights against any enemy.

"That's exactly true. Even if Nicholas lied to us, it would not make any difference! The Ghost Gang and the Panther Gang are doomed to fall before us," Ricky claimed in a cold tone, and his face remained calm as his eyes lit up.

Ricky's original plan was that Kristen and Bastian would lead the Axe Gang to handle the Ghost Gang. He had wanted Kristen to lead the team because Ricky and Tyson already knew that Kristen's eyes had recovered from battle.

What he did not anticipate was that Kristen was able to break through and reach a new stage whenever she wanted. She was in complete control. This was no more than a piece of thrilling news.

"So, our slaughter game begins starting from now! Once we succeed, the Manor Gang will definitely take control over the whole Lower Region!" exclaimed Ricky with hope in his eyes.

Then he turned to Bastian. "Bastian, ask your men in the Axe Hall to get ready for battle. You and your men will join me in attacking the Panther Gang tomorrow."

"That's not a problem! We are at your service throughout the way," Bastian replied firmly with a nod before he left the room. Needless to say, he was heading back to the Axe Gang to mobilize his men.

"So, Kristen. I think it may be better for you to take a dozen men from the Manor Gang along with you when you confront the Ghost Gang. We just want to make sure you will be intact," Ricky said, still a bit worried about her.

"Thank you for caring about me. But don't worry and put your mind at ease, Russell! I can deal with it alone. If there were any emergency which I couldn't fix, it would be much more convenient for me to run away. Take those guys with you and take down the Panther Gang as early as possible. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can come to assist me. Do we agree on this?" Kristen insisted. She now could not know any better about her strength and was one hundred percent sure to beat the Ghost Gang once they met.

"All right, if you insist!" Ricky now realized that he could never change Kristen's mind, so he quit trying to convince her.


The next day, the Chaotic Region remained a mess where killing and fighting could be found in any corner of the place.

One different thing which warriors rarely noticed was that the air smelt more bloody and the atmosphere grew more stressful.

Before long, the night fell.

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