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   Chapter 251 Taking Concerted Action Towards The Common Enemy

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Nicholas' heart was full of grief, anger, and rage.

Whatever his heart felt that day was so strong that it had already affected every single human being present in the area.

However, Ricky was also there and noticed Nicholas' downing aura. He came towards him and said, "Nicholas, I'm sorry for your loss. Now that the old leader of the Panther Gang is dead, you have completed your revenge. I really wish that you could hold down your grief today.

I still have one question, though. You have said that your enemy was the late leader of the Panther Gang. But why does it seem like you still want to destroy the entire organization? Haven't you had your revenge already?"

Nicholas calmed himself upon hearing some trigger words from Ricky. After a few seconds of silence, he then spoke, "Russell, all the people that belong, and those who are involved in the Panther Gang are murderers of my father. All of them are considered my enemies. If it weren't for their help, that old bastard would never get the chance to kill my father, and to rape my mother and sister. My poor father, mother, and sister. I swear that I will do whatever it takes to defeat them. I swear to collect this blood debt at all cost!"

"One of my cousins suffered from diarrhea and he went to the bathroom that night. It was unsightly, given the state of his bowel, but he happened to see the whole thing in the dark! And I'm telling you, he was scared as hell. Unfortunately, he died of fright three days later after he told me about what he saw."

Upon hearing Nicholas' story, Ricky started to believe Nicholas more, and was on board with whatever plan he had to defeat the Panther Gang.

"So Nicholas...what do you want to do with them?" Ricky kept asking.

"After the merge between the Axe Gang and the Manor Gang, many members of the Panther Gang felt threatened. This collaboration paved the way for a little lay-low so that they could prepare something bigger to weaken your gang. By the looks of it, they'll attack you guys soon. I think I have an idea. What if you collaborate with me? In that way we can unite with forces inside and out and wipe out the Panther Gang with one blow. What do you think?" said Nicholas in rage.

Nicholas' loathing towards the Panther Gang was never kept hidden from the way he uttered words. Even Ricky could tell the unwavering hatred that Nicholas had just by listening to him speak.

Nicholas had a valid reason to hate the gang. They murdered his family and surely, his grief and anger was within reason. After all, no one in his right mind

ill lose control and die from hatred. So I will work with you by all means! I have to!" said Nicholas excitedly.

"Okay, so on with our plan!" he added.

Deep sadness and loathing enveloped his eyes. For years, he had been obsessed with revenge and determination to destroy the Panther Gang and avenge his family.

"I love your determination, Nicholas. I hope we can cooperate happily and win this fight!" said Ricky excitedly as he felt Nicholas' tenacity.

"However, aren't you afraid that we will not appear tomorrow night as we discussed? What if we flaked?" asked Ricky with a smile.

Ricky and Nicholas talked with each other once again, guessing each other's purpose. Ricky was also worried about the probability that some others might flake on their plan.

"Russell, I'd still go on with the plan whether you show up or not. I can't wait any longer. It's just too painful for me. I can't stand another day feeling like this!" said Nicholas.

"Alright, deal! And I understand it!" said Ricky.

"Which reminds me... what should we do with the people of the Ghost Gang? I can just get two warriors at the fifth stage of Bone Reinforcement. As you can see, the rest of my men do not have the ability to help us!" said Nicholas after a while.

"Ah, yes. The members of the Ghost Gang can be pretty alarming. They're all strong. But we still have a big chance to win this if we have some people from the inside. We need an insider," said Ricky as he frowned.

"Russell, let us deal with the Ghost Gang. Although we are not as strong as they are, we can still buy you some time!" said the brothers.

"Ouch, man. That hurts. How could you forget us? Leave them to us. We'll beat them to a pulp!"

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