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   Chapter 250 Nicholas

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"Since big shots like you guys have joined the Manor Gang, I must come for a visit." When Nicholas realized how surprised Trent and Bastian were, he smiled and acted causally as if he came here with good intentions.

"Nicholas, the second deputy leader of the Panther Gang," said Tyson, standing up, his eyes narrowed in confusion. 'Why did Nicholas come here? I thought our Manor Gang was the Panther Gang's worst enemy, ' he wondered.

"You are right. I'm the second deputy leader of the Panther Gang!" Nicholas grinned.

"Nicholas, we joined the Manor Gang because we are willing to pay for our bet, and we admire Russell's casting skills. But the Panther Gang is the Manor Gang's worst enemy. I think it is a little inappropriate for you to visit in the middle of the night," replied Trent.

"Can we be the exceptional first people to defy the wisdom of seeing a friend of your enemy is your enemy?" Nicholas laughed.

Then, he looked at Trent and Bastian and continued, "Like you two, before today, the Axe Gang and Manor Gang were enemies. But now..."

He stopped mid-sentence, because he knew he had already said enough.

"We understand what you are trying to say," said Ricky rising to his feet. Then he nodded, his lips curving into a smile and added, "Please just tell me what you want from us.

If we make a deal, everyone will be happy. If we can't make a deal, the four of us will just act as you never come here."

"I like your attitude, Russell! So I'll just cut to the chase," said Nicholas. Impressed, Nicholas confessed, "I want to work with all of you of the Manor Gang to destroy the Panther Gang!"

Everyone in the room fell silent, dumbfounded by his interest in cooperation.

The four of them looked at each other with confusion and shock.

"We don't understand what you're saying, Nicholas. Please explain to us," said Ricky, breaking the ice.

"Guys, what we know as the Panther Gang now was formerly the Shen Clan. After sev

e old leader?' Ricky thought to himself when he saw what Nicholas did. It seemed he had desperately wanted to destroy the Panther gang.

"Please get up, Nicholas. We don't understand why you're doing this." Immediately, Ricky helped Nicholas up.

"Guys, that old bastard killed my father and raped my mother and sister!" Nicholas said furiously.

In greater details, he went on to narrate what happened. The old leader of the Panther Gang was almost dead ten years ago. But suddenly, he learned a mysterious cultivation method which could help him promote longevity by sucking a female's energy.

So the old leader of the Panther Gang began to hunt women, and along the way Nicholas's family, like many others fell victim.

The damnable old man first killed Nicholas's father and then raped his mother and sister.

At that time, Nicholas was in the mountains, hunting. He didn't know about it, and the old man thought that what he did would never come to the light.

But what he didn't know was that someone from Nicholas's family witnessed everything that happened that night. In fact, Nicholas got that information first hand from an eyewitness, who saw all that transpired that fateful night.

Since then, Nicholas had tightly kept his secret, waiting eagerly for revenge once he was strong enough.

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