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   Chapter 249 The Lower Region Was Rocked.

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It was completely beyond belief! At the time Ricky and Trent went into the castle, they were implacable rivals. At the moment they walked out of the castle, they had already become bosom buddies. It was incredible how fast things could change!

Before the warriors could react, Trent walked up and spoke loudly to them, saying, "From now on, the Axe Gang has been incorporated into the Manor Gang. We have become the Axe Hall -- one of its halls!"

This announcement was like a bombshell! His warriors were in total shock!

"We must be dreaming! Our gang has turned into one of the Manor Gang's subordinate halls?!" A number of warriors yelled loudly when they recovered from the shock.

The world had just underwent tremendous changes for the leaders of the smaller gangs in the region. Everyone involved was dumbfounded.

"Trent must be spellbound by Russell's great charm and distinction. Russell is devastatingly handsome!" Even Tyson was surprised.

When Ricky and Trent went into the castle to compete with each other, Tyson had expected Ricky to win the competition in the end. He had still never expected that Trent had lost in admiration and grew great respect and adulation for Ricky. It was even more incredible that Trent was really willing to work for Ricky.

"Trent! My brother... you..." Bastian called to Trent. He was angry at the situation and worried for his brother.

"Bastian, I know you cannot accept my choice yet, but please believe in me!" Trent answered, staring into Bastian's anxious eyes. "In the future, I'll give you a satisfactory explanation, but for right now you should just support me!"

"I will trust you, brother!" Bastian finally nodded in agreement, although he was extremely reluctant.

In the depths of Bastian's heart, his brother Trent was more important than the Axe Gang.

'Those two must be close!' Ricky thought to himself enviously as he watched them. He highly appreciated Bastian's loyalty to his brother. In the cruel world they lived in, strong warriors preyed upon weaker ones and big fish ate little fish. The two brothers were flesh-and-blood human beings and had brotherly love to separate them from the animals. It was something that was rare and highly commendable.

As for the competition, Ricky's casting skills had made Trent worship the ground that he trod on.

During the process of the competition, Ricky had played his ace -- the Pounding Skill of the Chaotic Fire Skill. Although it posed a risk to his top secret as who he really was, he had to use it in order to win Trent's support. Ricky d

had sent out warriors to figure out the truth in the news.

The two leaders of the Panther Gang and the Ghost Gang, in particular, were terrified of the Manor Gang's hard power. They were fully convinced that their two former leaders must have been killed on the Manor Gang's turf. That was to say, the Manor Gang already had top level warriors who were strong enough to kill two warriors at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement.

That alone made them afraid to stir up trouble with the Manor Gang.

To make matters worse, the Manor Gang even won the Axe Gang over and their comprehensive strength had reach a new level. It was hard to imagine that the Manor Gang would drop their weapons and live in harmony with them.

Under such circumstances, the two leaders of the Panther Gang and the Ghost Gang met up with each other in secrecy once again.


After their drunken revelry, Ricky, Tyson, Trent, and Bastian held a meeting to discuss their next step.

It was at that moment that an unexpected visitor arrived.

"Leader Tyson, Leader Russell, a mystery man in black is at the door step. He said he needs your help!" A member of the Manor Gang ran in and reported to Tyson and Ricky.

"Ah? Someone wants to see us? Has he identified himself?" Tyson asked.

"He said he wouldn't identify himself until he met with you two!"

"Well, let him in and let's see what kind of man he is." Ricky gave the order.

After a moment, a warrior in a black suit walked into the room. This warrior immediately took off his hood when he entered.

"Nicholas, I can't believe it's you!" Facing Nicholas in person, Trent and Bastian stood up from their seats immediately. They couldn't believe their eyes.

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