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   Chapter 248 Conquer The Axe Gang

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On that day, the castle of the Manor Gang was surrounded by the warriors. The number of them was ten times that of a previous similar occasion. All the warriors from major gangs known to sell weapons at the Lower Region of the whole Chaotic Region had shown up.

The Axe Gang came with the most number of warriors.

The Axe Gang was one of the six gangs less powerful among the top ten gangs. Its leader Trent was a warrior at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement, and also a casting master at intermediate Mortal Level, while his younger brother, Bastian was at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

With the two brothers' powerful strength and in particular, Trent's authority as a casting master of the intermediate Mortal Level, it was enough for them to keep the Axe Gang among the top ten gangs.

The Manor Gang was known for its unbeatable reputation. Almost all the members of the gang led by Trent and his brother Bastian had joined forces, hoping to add up to a resounding victory in their battle against the Manor Gang.

"Ha-ha! We have never expected that the two influential leaders of the Axe Gang would come. We apologize for not being able to usher you into our castle with such short notice," Ricky and Tyson said as soon as they heard the news and walked out of their castle with a polite and welcoming smile on their faces.

"To our respected guests, welcome to our castle. This way, please follow me," Ricky added politely, inviting the two leaders inside the quaint castle.

At once, Ricky thought of an idea that he wanted to achieve and that was to win Trent's trust. In this way, the whole Axe Gang could be conquered and would abide by his orders.

Trent was just an average skilled warrior at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement. Ricky had no much confidence in challenging him. Meanwhile, Trent was also a casting master. In weapon casting, Ricky, however, had enough confidence to defeat him.

"No, I prefer to stay here and negotiate," Trent said, rejecting their cordial offer.

"Well, alright, let's talk here if you insist!" Tyson said, smiling. "What brings you here? What can I do for you?" Tyson asked. "As far as I can remember, the people of our Manor Gang have never done any of you or your subordinates wrong!"

"You two leaders, Tyson and Russell, stop playing tricks on us. Let us cut to the chase. The casting industry of your Manor Gang seriously threatens the survival of over a dozen gangs, including our Axe Gang. Today, we would like to hear your explanation!" Trent said firmly.

"Yes! That's right! "We are with Trent's side and we want to hear your explanation!" The moment Trent finished his sentence, the leaders of other small gangs below all roared, agreeing to what they had heard.

"Ha-ha, Trent, what you said made me confused. I don't understand why our Manor Gang owes you an explanation about that situation. In the Chaotic Region, its ruthless rules are

his be alright with you?" Ricky asked with a sense of politeness in his tone.

"Why is that? What are you plotting?" said Bastian in a frigid tone.

"Bastian, do not fear. If I don't dare to enter their castle, then I am not qualified to be hailed the leader of our Axe Gang," Trent said confidently as he patted Bastian's shoulder to assure him. Trent briskly followed Ricky to step inside the castle of the Manor Gang.

"Trent..." Bastian grabbed his brother's arms and would like to say something more.

But he was lost for words when he detected the sincerity and peace in his brother's eyes.

After a while, they just vaguely heard the sound of hammering and beating from the castle of the Manor Gang, which lasted for two hours and then disappeared.

"So, the competition is done. Based on Trent's strength in weapon casting, I guess this Manor Gang will soon declare its withdrawal from the weapon industry!" Murmurs were spreading among the warriors of different gangs.

"Hum, you are just a bunch of frogs scavenging at the bottom of the well, so ignorant that know nothing of the great ocean!" Hearing their discussions, Tyson cast a disdainful look on them and murmured to himself in a low voice. Meanwhile, the members of Manor Gang standing behind Tyson were also disdainful of those warriors in discussion, because they had personally witnessed Ricky's weapon casting efficiency and force.

"Ha-ha! Ha-ha!"

The next moment, the laughter from two people came to their ears. Soon, they saw Ricky and Trent stepped out of the castle, walking side by side, unlike enemies or opponents. With their arms on each other's shoulders, they looked like two old friends enjoying a stroll.

"Wh…What's going on?" When the warriors saw the two casting masters walking like friends, they were taken aback.

Even Tyson and Bastian were dumbfounded and rubbing their eyes as it was just so hard to believe what had happened in front of them.

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