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   Chapter 247 Casting Monopoly On The Lower Region

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To these members, Ricky gave each one hundred gold coins as the rewards for staying.

Hence, these members promised him their unwavering support. After all, one hundred gold coins were not a small sum of money. Normally, for such an amount, they'd have to hunt beasts at Bone Reinforcement for over half a month or even more.


The following day, in the Lower Region, almost everything went on as usual, except for a few things. Some unfamiliar faces whose arrival no one seemed to have a clue about were seen around the Manor Gang. Most likely, they were from the Panther Gang and the Ghost Gang, sent by their leaders to spy on Ricky and his companions and confirm the rumors.

Once they established that all the three leaders of the Manor Gang were still alive, they quickly left to report back to their leaders.

The senior members of the Panther Gang and the Ghost Gang sensed a strange aura about their leaders. They all seemed to be very anxious, even as they went about their duties with the unflappable air of battle hardened warriors.

To raise more suspicion for the day, the leader of the Ghost Gang secretly came to the leader of the Panther Gang. Nobody knew what they had talked about behind closed doors in the chamber. Anyway, after they came out, they looked rather depressed.


Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen knew there were spies lurking around, but they were not worried. If the leaders of the two gangs dare come to the Manor Gang, Ricky and his team would just let them come and see what would happen.

In half a day, the remaining members of the Manor Gang had collected all kinds of casting materials.

After that, Ricky started his casting directly.

In his casting, Ricky didn't use the Pounding Skill of the Devouring Skill and the Chaotic Fire Skill. Instead, he used the alternative pounding methods devised and taught by Elder Alexander and Elder Samuel.

He concealed his intricate skills so as to stay under the rudder for as long as he possibly could.

After he left the Earth Fire Land, he hadn't spent much time in casting. However, as he learnt more of the two Supreme Skills, his casting also improved immensely.

Even as he went about casting, Ricky could tell his skill had reached the peak of the intermediate Mortal Level. If he could keep on training hard enough, he was sure he'd graduate to advanced Mortal Level in abo

usand gold coins and distributed them directly. Afterwards, they all shared a sumptuous meal.

Determined to hit the ground running, Ricky gave five thousand gold coins to Tyson along with two members of the Manor Gang. In the next ten days, he charged them with the task of finding people to build ten shops around the castle.

While the construction of shops was going on, Ricky led the remaining members of the gang in continuously casting weapons.

By the time the shops had all been built, an extra cache of three hundred intermediate Mortal Level weapons were also ready to go on sale.

When the shops opened, all the weapons sold out in less than half a day, and the Manor Gang had another windfall.

Now, the Manor Gang's casting was thoroughly spread throughout the Lower Region.

Most importantly, just from these two auctions, other gangs that sold weapons were counting their losses, as customers were getting cozy with their newfound love. Now customers all chose to buy Ricky's excellent weapons and meanwhile commented on other weapons as rubbish.

The aggrieved gangs were not going to take the invasion of their business territory lying down. They would have to put an end to the aggression and expansion of the Manor Gang.

However, they all knew Tyson was the wrong guy to mess with. As such, they hoped that the Axe Gang of the lower six gangs would react first. The Axe Gang was sure to take actions because a large part of their income was from selling weapons.


And as sure as night follows day, five days later, the Axe Gang finally took action.

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