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   Chapter 246 The Innate Spiritual Ball

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"Thanks a lot, Elder Barret!" Kristen said excitedly as she felt the changed in her body.

"No need to thank me, Kristen, I can only slow down the progression of your blindness. As for your life, even the Chief can do nothing to help!" Elder Barret sighed as he heard the gratitude in Kristen's voice.

Then he asked, "Is this the last Royal Sky Guard member you were looking for?"

"Yes, Elder Barret!" Tyson nodded.

"Since I left the choice up to you, I will not ask more about him." Elder Barret nodded, looking at Ricky. His old yet bright eyes were full of doubts despite his words.

Did he doubt Ricky's loyalty and power, or could he somehow be aware of the human skin mask on Ricky's face?

At that point, Ricky was naturally feeling awkward, but he still acted very calm. He respectfully said, "Thank you, Elder Barret."

Elder Barret was an innate spiritual king, but he did not put on airs when he heard Ricky's simple response. He nodded slightly and replied, "Since you have joined the Royal Sky Guard, please do your best for us. We all depend on each other."

"Elder Barret, why did you come here?" Kristen suddenly asked.

"After you left for a few days, our informants received intelligence that the forces in the Black Marsh area were concealing an important message. The leader of the Rats is a beast tamer. But I'm sure you've already known it by now," said Elder Barret.

"Chief sent me to chase you and tell you to be discreet. Unfortunately, you have already arrived here. I am afraid it's because of the beast tamer of the Rats that Kristen used the Devil Flame!"

"It is exactly as you say, Elder Barret. The forces in the Black Marsh area deceived us; because of their tricks, Kristen was injured," Tyson said angrily.

"Do not worry, the Chief has severely punished them," Elder Barret said.

Seeing that Elder Barret was no longer paying attention to him, Ricky breathed a sigh of relief. It proved that even a lower spiritual king still couldn't see through the human skin mask on his face.

'It seems that this human skin mask given to me by the sect chief is not so simple, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"I came to the Chaotic Region mainly to bring you something to help you gain a

will be able to dominate the Chaotic Region," Tyson said excitedly after Elder Barret left.

"Tyson, why are you so excited? If we ever have to use the innate spirit balls, it will be when we are in a tough spot. The more we need to use them, the more likely we are to fail or be in danger," Ricky said abruptly, seeing that Tyson was very excited.

"Yes, the most important purpose the Chief had in giving us the innate spiritual balls is to let us save ourselves! Therefore, we will only use them if we are in danger of failure!" Kristen said.

"Oh...I'm sorry for sounding so rash." Hearing what Ricky and Kristen said to him, Tyson responded in slight disappointment.

"Now, the Panther Gang is no longer a threat to us. We can start casting weapons tomorrow and continue to annex the gangs in the Lower Region!" Ricky spoke seriously with a cold light flashing through his eyes.

"Okay, we can dominate the Lower Region within two months!" Kristen said solemnly.


Later, they summoned the remaining members of the Manor Gang. After that disturbance, even with the three of them, their remaining was less than fifteen people.

They didn't worry too much about it because they believed that it would not take too long to get more members. They believed that there would be many warriors seeking to join their Manor Gang in near future.

Then, Ricky distributed some gold coins to each one of their underlings, so that they could buy the casting materials later.

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