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   Chapter 245 Elder Barret

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'Is this a kind of strange cultivation method that not many disciples know?' Ricky thought to himself with an anxious look on his face. It was as if his mind was searching for some useful information.

Thinking back about that rare skill, Ricky had to say it was an incredible move. Ricky still didn't believe that a member of the Panther Gang could know such an amazing skill. How could that old guy turn his shadow into an actual living breathing person? Ricky didn't think anything of it until he categorized it into a kind of cultivation method.

"Yes, that is it! The ugly old guy must have cultivated a kind of unusual cultivation method. The skill can render the shadow invisible and let it unexpectedly swoop in by hiding it in another shadow!"

"What happened, leaders?" The members of the Manor Gang ran towards the room and asked anxiously, as if they had been attracted by the noise.

"Get out of here! You weak bastards! It's none of your goddamn business! If you don't leave right now you're really going to annoy me. I'm warning you! I won't hold back and will drain all the blood from your weak bodies for bothering me," the ugly old guy said in a menacing tone after seeing members of the Manor Gang appear in the door.

Then, the shadow man mustered up his strength and burst out a skill of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement in a snap. To all the spectators' surprise, the massive aura directly knocked everything in Kristen's room over.

All the members of the Manor Gang had witnessed the serious destruction he created.

"How could the two... they... they are..." Many members felt shocked and shouted out simultaneously. It seemed like the majority of them had known very well about who the two guys were.

"How... how can it be possible? Everybody knows that the leaders of the Panther Gang and the Ghost Gang both died one year ago. How could you two bring yourselves back to life and appear here?" One newly appointed hall leader of the Manor Gang stammered as his body trembled and his jaw dropped open in fear.

"Ha-ha. I haven't enjoyed all the beauties in the world yet. I am not willing to end my life so early with such a large regret left!" The leader of the Ghost Gang let out a lewd laugh. As he explained his reasons, his eyes were wandering over Kristen's graceful body.

"I like this girl's tender and lovely skin. Her blood must be even more delicious than she looks!"

"This girl is very brilliant and attractive!That's why I invited you here. I didn't disappoint you, right?" The previous leader of the Panther Gang asked as he laughed in satisfaction. He could see that the leader of Ghost Gang had a strong eagerness and could hardly wait to grasp the girl in front of him.

"Ha-ha. You are literally my best friend and you know me the best! So, in return, I have decided to send you a valuable advanced pill as a gift after we take this beautiful girl and go back home!" The leader of the Ghost Gang laughed with extreme excitement. That showed everyone that Krist

ncredible that it was capsulizing the sky and the land. That was a classic sign of an innate spiritual king. That was how Ricky figured out the Elder's identity just by feeling the current air.

'Why did the innate spiritual king of Sky Manor appear here and help us?' Ricky thought to himself in enormous confusions. He seemed almost unhappy even though he had just escaped death.

Perhaps he was anxious about his fake identity and the skin mask that were likely to be exposed by the powerful innate spiritual king.

"If I didn't come in time, my Kristen's lovely eyes would have been lost. The Chief warned you to take care of Kristen before you left. Tyson, do you think you have done well to honor your promise?" the Elder said to Tyson with a little reproach. He was scolding Tyson because he felt that Kristen was in bad condition.

"Elder Barret, I did make a huge mistake due to my carelessness. Please punish me!" Tyson begged.

"The one that will punish you is the Chief. I don't have the authority to do so. Fortunately, I sensed the danger ahead of time and arrived here. Thankfully, Kristen is completely safe and sound. It is lucky for you that you didn't have the opportunity to make a bigger mistake!" said the Elder, waving his hand at Tyson dismissively.

"Elder Barret, please don't blame Tyson; I got us into this situation!" Kristen explained.

"Kristen, you also need to be punished. The Chief and I have told you again and again that you aren't allowed to use the Devil Flame. Why didn't you listen to our warning? Do you think you have a limitless life expectancy? Hmm?" Elder Barret said with an edge in his voice. He was looking at Kristen, obviously concerned about her condition.

That being said, he still released an innate power that swarmed into Kristen's body. Ricky sensed that Kristen recovered a lot of her energy immediately and he could tell that her eyes would heal much faster.

Then, Ricky realized that Elder Barret had turned around and fixed his eyes on him.

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