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   Chapter 244 Something Strange

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"Really? The deputy leaders and the leader of the Panther Gang do not get along with each other?" Ricky murmured thoughtfully. "That must mean that the three deputy leaders would not assist the leader with all their forces in an emergency."

"You get the point. They won't risk their lives for each other. If they are not sure they can win against us, they won't fight seriously with us." Tyson agreed with Ricky.

"I gave Thaddeus a head-on blow last time we fought with him. I believe the other two deputy leaders won't come after us knowing that. They are almost equal in strength to him, so they won't risk it.

As for the leader of the Panther Gang, he won't fight with us himself. That's because he isn't confident of victory either. Besides, though he was anxious in seeking revenge for the murder of his son, he won't pick a fight now. Once he loses the battle, the position of leader will be taken over by someone else immediately.

So, we don't have to worry about it in the near future."

"You are right. Let's start casting weapons tomorrow!" Ricky nodded with his eyes filled with excitement.

"Wait a minute, Tyson. You forgot something very important!" Kristen said in a serious voice.

"What is it, Kristen?" Tyson and Ricky asked at the same time. Both of them were taken aback a little by her words.

"Do you know why the top four gangs are superior to the other six gangs in the Lower Region? You could say that the leaders of the top four gangs have members from the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement. That is true, but that's not all," Kristen explained.

"Then, what else is there?" Ricky asked anxiously.

"Before we got into the Chaotic Region, Tyson told us that, in the Lower Region, the best warriors are from the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement, so..." Kristen said, turning her eyes to Tyson, who agreed with a nod.

"So it is reasonable to suppose that each one of the upper four gangs have warriors of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement," Ricky understood her concern and finished her sentence for her.

"Oh Gosh! You are right. How silly of me! I forgot to find out whether there are warriors of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement in the upper four gangs!" Tyson grumbled, slapping his forehead. He had also realized the problem.

"Let's pray that the strongest warriors in the Panther Gang won

ce, they could see no one else in the room except the old man.

"What is happening? Who is that?" Ricky asked nervously. Neither Tyson nor Kristen could answer his question. They held their breath and examined their surroundings on high alert.

To try to find out the source of the voice, Ricky activated his internal strength in the two space on his spiritual meridian to its fullest. To his astonishment, the other voice was also coming from the old man.

'How... how is this possible? There are two spirits in his body!' For a few seconds Ricky stood in shocked silence.

"Now let's split up, old friend, or you'll have this little girl petrified. If that happens, she won't taste very nice." The old man smirked, his sagging face twisting grotesquely into a grimace of extreme cattiness as he spoke in his normal voice again.

"Hah-hah, you old goat. You are always so impatient." The shrill and horrific voice arose again. "But you are right. I'll come out right away. I can't wait to enjoy that beautiful little girl!"

As he spoke, a dark shadow rose from the body of the old man. At the same time, streams of pitch-black spiritual energy began to diffuse slowly. Shortly after, the dark shadow and the spiritual energy mixed together and turned into the shape of another scrawny and hideous old man.

"How can it be possible? How can someone's shadow turn into a whole other person?!" Seeing that unimaginable scene play out, Tyson opened his mouth in astonishment.

Ricky was just as shocked by what he saw. He stood there, at a loss for what to do.

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