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   Chapter 243 Tyson's Great Advance

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The power he exuded was characteristic of the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement. It burst forth in full swing as the great noise resounded. In an instant, a ferocious atmosphere had set into all the surroundings. The other warriors could not help but step backwards, wary of becoming involved in their battle. It was bound to be a fierce, relentless one. If they had the misfortune of becoming caught up in the fighting, they were going to die first.

"So, this is the power at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement? Good! Come on! Let's fight!" Glaring at Thaddeus, Tyson roared with a low voice. Thaddeus's overwhelming aura did not frighten him in the least. Instead, he was more eager to fight this man. After all, brave warriors should not be fearful when faced with a strong opponent. They should jump at the chance, because fighting against stronger warriors would help them enhance their skills.

Suddenly, Tyson let out a loud roar. His eyes were wide, his face taut, his entire being ready to fight. Immediately, his body turned a color of steel gray, his usually-black hair and eyes included. It seemed that he just walked out of a vat of molten iron. Here he was, an iron man!

As his body changed, his power increased as well. It became so strong that it overwhelmed Thaddeus's power in the blink of an eye.

"Bang!" The onlookers' jaws dropped at the sight of the iron man, marveling at Tyson's change. While they were still struggling to manage their surprise, a loud crash burst out and echoed through their surroundings. The fists of the warriors had already collided violently. Everyone squinted their eyes to avoid the dust and shock waves caused by the collision. Secretly, they felt lucky that they had retreated before the battle began. Otherwise, they would have already been hurt badly by now.

Two tornadoes rose from their fists and grew large quickly. Before long, they developed into giant ripples and spread all over. Some of the crowd stepped back further to keep themselves further away. They were too weak to resist the powerful momentum brought by this fearful battle.

There was no doubt that both of them were extremely strong warriors, judging from their energy tornadoes. But even so, Tyson was slightly overpowered.

Their collision had forced him to walk backwards for three steps before he tried hard to steady himself.

This did not discourage him. On the contrary, it filled him with more strength and courage. He grew more determined to beat his opponent now. Such a powerful match was exactly what Tyson had wanted! If he managed to defeat Thaddeus, he would improve his warrior level and make great progress.

"Ha-ha! That's not bad! Come and fight me again!" Tyson roared out loud happily before he launched another attack.

Tyson was a warrior who mainly concentrated on cultivating and practicing the body refining method. His hands were his most distinct and powerful weapons. Each time when he fought, he never held back from sending his fists towards his enemy. At this point in his life, he had won thousands of fights. His fists had already grown to be extremely powerful because of this.

Right then, he employed his special cultivation method of Iron Golem. Lapsing into the deadly battle madness, Tyson began hurling his merciless fists continuously towards his enemy. He was too busy launching into this intense attack that he wasted no time or energy to dodge his opponent's blows. All he could think about was taking him down.

"So, this is your last card? An iron body? Huh! I'm going to crush you into tiny pieces!" Thaddeus inevitably felt how powerful the Iron Golem cultivation me

pansion, we'd better find out more about the Panther Gang's strength," Ricky replied with a nod.


As Tyson had predicted, the Manor Gang's reputation spread like wildfire across the Lower Region after their last battle against the Panther Gang. Many warriors even considered the Manor Gang as the eleventh largest gang in the region. It was swiftly recognized as one of the powerful gangs in the Lower Region now.

This good repute was all thanks to Tyson, whose combat power was at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement.


In a room in the castle, Ricky, Kristen, and Tyson were discussing business.

"Russell, Kristen, I've determined the Panther Gang's real strength!" Tyson said, excitement written all over his face.

"Oh? Do tell us," Ricky replied.

"In the Lower Region, there are ten strong gangs. Among them, four gangs stand out. People usually call them the Top Four. The remaining six gangs have a large gap between them and the top four," Tyson explained energetically, eager to share this information with his companions.

"There are more than three warriors at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement. One of them is even at the peak level of the sixth grade. The Panther Gang is one of the Top Four, of course! It is no exaggeration to say that the Panther Gang is corrupting the Lower Region!"

Tyson's voice grew higher as he talked on and on. He then stopped, grabbed the cup on the desk, and chugged some water. Then as if nothing had happened, he continued immediately, "Do you remember the guy we killed before we entered the Chaotic Region? You know what? He is the third son of the Panther Gang's leader!"

"So, we've gotten into a real big trouble," Ricky replied in a low voice, eyebrows furrowing. "It seems that we'll have to deal with the Panther Gang before we focus on expanding our gang."

"Well, actually I don't think dealing with them first is necessary!" Tyson disagreed.

"Why?" Ricky was puzzled at his confident claim.

"Because I've also found out that the leader of the Panther Gang actually doesn't get along with the other three deputy leaders. After all, they've always been eyeing his position!" Tyson stated, a mysterious smile on his face.

"That is also why Thaddeus, the third deputy leader of the Panther Gang, chose to stop fighting against me and fled away so decisively. I'm quite certain that he isn't so keen on executing all the orders from his boss!"

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