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   Chapter 239 Intrude Into the Tiger Gang

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As he spoke, the voice snickered, as if enjoying their embarrassment.

What the voice had said was true. If the man they killed was not the young master of the Panther Gang, they might not have managed to enter the Chaotic Region. For a fact, two warriors at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement and a group of warriors at the peak of Blood Purification were no match for one at sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement and another at fifth grade. That was the truth of the matter.

After that, the voice went silent.

With a sudden swoosh, all the figures around the forest magically disappeared. All that Ricky and his companions could sense was a slight rushing sound, but no any trace of the mysterious spies again.

"Now, we may enter the Chaotic Region," said Tyson, taking a deep breath. "I wonder where does the Panther Gang rank in the Chaotic Region."

"Tyson, tell us about the force division in the Chaotic Region," asked Ricky.

"Okay, Russell. Now listen carefully. The Chaotic Region has three divisions: the Upper, the Middle, and the Lower Region. The reason why the region was divided in three is that there has been opportunities of becoming an innate spiritual king in recent years," explained Tyson.

"The three parts correspond to three levels of power. The Lower Region contains all kinds of gangs, in which the best warriors are from either the sixth or seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement.

The Middle Region is for the Palace forces, which is superior to the gangs in the Chaotic Region. Among the Palace forces, their finest warriors are drawn from either the eighth or ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

As for the Upper Region, there are only eight forces."

"Eight forces," whispered Ricky, his face knitting into a frown. "Ah! The Eight Demi-immortal Forces, right?"

"Exactly. The Eight Demi-immortal Forces. They are the real masters of the Chaotic Region," nodded Tyson. "All the mysterious warriors in the black forest are from the Eight Demi-immortal Forces.

Reportedly, they have been in full control of the Chaotic Region for quite some time now."

"If that's the case, then I guess they must be pretty an impressive demi-immortal force. That would mean they are our biggest challenge ahead. For us to take control of this region in two years, they will be quite a formidable hurdle to overcome," murmured Ricky.

"Take it easy! Nothing is impossible, right? As for now, we'll make it one step at a time. The immediate step we should be talking about is to get into the Chaotic Region first!" Tyson expl


The people who had surrounded the place were taken aback, and were left exchanging scared glances.

They all knew that man. A respected, powerful warrior at the third grade of Bone Reinforcement, just about to break through. Arguably, he was the finest among them.

How had he died so easily, without even as much as a hint about Ricky's moves? Obviously, the three strangers were no pushovers as everyone had initially thought.

At the sign of trouble, the crowd of onlookers fled in disarray. They did want the girl, but they didn't have the power to win her over.

"Hey! You! Stop there!" Successfully, they had stunned the people around. Aware of their fete, Ricky smiled and shouted at a comparatively handsome young man who was passing by.

"Don't harm me! I'm just passing by!" The young man was so frightened that he lowered his head and broke into tear, wailing at the top of his voice.

"I know. Don't be afraid. I just want to ask you a question," Ricky smiled gently. .

The young man led them to a small castle, on the top of which sat a board with three words inscribed. "The Tiger Gang," read the terse inscription.

"This the gang that I belong to. What do you want?" asked the young man in a trembling voice.

"Are you sure that the head of this gang is only at the fourth grade of the Bone Reinforcement?" asked Ricky, staring the young man straight in the eyes.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure our leader is at fourth grade of the Bone Reinforcement!" confirmed the young man, nodding in affirmation.

"Very good!"

With that, Ricky jumped high in the air, gathered his spiritual energy on his foot and kicked the board, shuttering it into pieces in one fell swoop.

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