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   Chapter 238 Warriors Of The Panther Gang

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"The blood of either humans or beasts should do!" Tyson said. "For any warrior entering the Chaotic Region for the first time, they must scrub the words 'Chaotic Region' written on the boulder with the blood of either beasts or warriors.

There is one condition: the chosen warrior or beast should be of the same level with the warrior who wants to enter the Chaotic Region.

That means if we want to enter the Chaotic Region, we need to slay three beasts that are at the sixth, the fifth, and the first grade of Bone Reinforcement. Either that or we slay warriors of the same level.

That's indeed an interesting rule. It tells those who enter the Chaotic Region that as long as you are here, there's nothing for you to see but blood and murder." Ricky nodded his head slightly and said, "Now, I am both curious and a little frightened of this Chaotic Region!"

"Ha-ha, I never knew you could be frightened." Tyson laughed loudly.

"All right. Regardless, we need to slay some beasts. Otherwise we won't be able to enter the gates of the Chaotic Region," Ricky said.

From this moment on, his new journey of murder and blood began on the Chaotic Region.

"Perhaps we don't need to slay beasts!" Kristen said, suddenly.

"Why?" Right after Kristen finished her words, Ricky and Tyson noticed something unusual. They looked behind them.

"Growl! Howl!"

Immediately, they heard roars of ferocious beasts. A massive wave of dust rolled in. More than a dozen Black Panthers rushed in. Several people in black clothes were riding these Black Panthers.

These black-clad men had black panther tattoos embroidered on their chests, showing that they were warriors from the same organization.

Their leader was a young man riding one of the panthers. Through the merging of the power of the two zones, Ricky could sense that this young man was at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement. Two middle-aged men next to the young man were both at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement. As for the remaining ten warriors, they were all at the peak of Blood Purification.

The Black Panthers were all at the advanced stage of Blood Purification.

They all came fo

e began to fear Tyson.

His hands and feet were trembling in fear.

"You... Do you know who I am..." Barry said in his shaking voice, pointing at Ricky and Tyson with his trembling right hand.

Then they all heard a loud crack!

Before Barry could finish his words, his neck was sliced by a blade made of flame. He couldn't even react. He fell to the ground in two, his body separated from his head where his unwilling eyes froze with death.

"Who you are or which force you belong to are none of my business!" Ricky said indifferently, putting his saber back, "You have no one to blame. You just dug your own grave!"


Kristen also began to attack. She waved her scarlet whip all over the field and killed the guards stunned by her movement.

Kristen might have been temporarily blind but it was still easy for her to kill these guards who were only at the peak of Blood Purification.

"Although the warriors we killed don't include warriors at the fifth and the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement, I think they might just be enough for us to enter the Chaotic Region," Tyson murmured.

Then Tyson turned around, looked towards the dark forest, and said loudly, "Friends inside, could you tell me whether the blood of these warriors is enough for us three to enter?"

"Not enough!" said a cold voice.

"However, since you have killed Barry of the Panther Gang, it might just be enough to enter the Chaotic Region."

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