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   Chapter 237 The Admission Rule Of The Chaotic Region!

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"Ha-ha!" The three warriors exchanged looks with one another and then burst out laughing.

Yet, they didn't know that at that very moment, in their joyful laughter, they had all been growing closer. They had a strong connection and their friendship was deeply rooted in their hearts. It took them quite a while to realize this.

After that, the three couldn't set off straight to the Chaotic Region for their third task.

Before going there, they had two more urgent things to handle!

The first, of course, was Kristen's condition—that she was temporarily blind and was badly injured in their battle with the Rats. They didn't have enough time to wait for Kristen to regain her vision, but they had to wait for her to at least regain her strength. Secondly, all three of them were in urgent need of cultivation in seclusion, so that they could have time to digest the combat experience they went through in the Black Marsh, and also strengthen their martial arts skills.

Especially for Ricky, if he got to cultivate in seclusion, he would soon be able to reach the peak of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement and promote his combat strength to the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Once they were ready, they all began their cultivation in seclusion!

Of course, Kristen couldn't get herself into complete seclusion. She could easily hear everything within 100 meters, which was also the reason why Ricky and Tyson were confident in starting their cultivation in complete seclusion.

As for Kristen's food, Ricky had prepared roasted meat enough for the next three days!

Warriors of Bone Reinforcement usually wouldn't require food after taking the Fasting Pill. Yet, Kristen was in a different situation. She needed to recover as fast as possible through meat, so she should eat as much meat as possible!

Ricky guessed that three whole days would probably be enough to finish his cultivation!

When all their preparation was done, the three warriors began their cultivation simultaneously!

The purposes of Ricky's cultivation were simple and clear. With the assistance of his two Supreme Skills, he could digest the combat experience, unravel the mystery of realm of martial arts, and gradually improve the level of his martial art skills!

The two Supreme Skills lived up to their reputation that they would dramatically help any warrior who grasped them. As soon as Ricky initiated his cultivation, he immediately felt his perception, his realm of martial art skills, and his combat power improving!

As a result, in less than three days, Ricky woke up from his cultivation. Just as he had expected, he had reached the peak of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement, while his combat power reached the intermediate stage of the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement!

There was one more thin

ound inside the Chaotic Region.

There was a faint sound of killing and screaming wafting from a nearby place.

Ricky, Tyson and Kristen, the trio, had to finish their task under such circumstances.

After several days of traveling, the carriage carrying the trio finally arrived at the entrance of the Chaotic Region, and the rolling sound of the wheel had awakened their bloody and terrible surroundings.

Caw! Caw! Firstly, the black crows on the withered trees were startled and flew away. Next, the insects resting on the skeletons and corpses swarmed together and left.

They stopped and descended their carriage.


The horse tied to their carriage galloped away, crying out of fear!

"Well, I believe you are extremely frightened by this murderous and bloody environment," Ricky said in a low voice. Upon inspecting his surroundings, he himself felt uneasy!

"Is this the entrance to the Chaotic Region?" he asked.

"Yes, it is. With one glance, you can feel the strong killing atmosphere—the cruelty!" Tyson exclaimed with his fighting spirit flickering in his eyes.

"Hmm? There are people around the woods!" Ricky winked at his two companions, reminding them with a voice that could be only heard by them.

"Russell, leave them alone. They have always been living in the dense forest nearby because they serve as monitors of the Chaotic Region!" Tyson whispered.

"What do you mean?'' Ricky asked with confusion.

"Russell, have you seen the bloody boulder?" asked Tyson.

"Yes!" Ricky nodded.

"Warriors entering the Chaotic Region for the first time must follow a rule. They must clean the two words "Chaotic Region" engraved on the boulder with blood!" Tyson explained.

"Oh, I see now. No wonder that I could smell a pungent odor of fresh blood from the boulder. So, what creature's blood is needed?" Ricky asked doubtfully.

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