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   Chapter 235 Crazy Rich Harvest

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Along the way, the deputy leader had no other cunning intention. He was focused on leading them to where the Rats stored the treasures they robbed. He would not dare play any tricks on Ricky and Tyson after he had learned how strong the two were. All he wanted was to finish his task - taking them to their desired destination - and then beg them to let him go.

As for the beasts, they fled and hid themselves here and there, afraid that Ricky and Tyson would come after them. Though they were not intelligent creatures, they had the instincts to run away from danger. Beasts at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement did not appear along the way either. They were usually found deeper in the marsh.

As a result, Ricky and his team did not face any threat. All they did was concentrate on reaching their destination at great speed. About six hours later, the terrain changed and they saw small hills.

It was a dark and frightful place. If people came here alone, they would be frightened.

"Here we are. There is a small entrance over there. Go inside and you will discover a large cave. That is where we hid the treasures and resources we robbed," the man said as he pointed at the entrance, his voice trembling in fear.

"Is there any danger in that cave? Did you set up any traps?" Ricky asked.

"No, no, no! I did not do anything here. But our leader placed ten crocodiles at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement somewhere inside. I'm not sure whether they are still there to protect the cave or…"

"Howl! Howl!" Before the man finished his sentence, they heard roars. Ricky and Tyson took a look around to check where they were coming from. Two crocodiles rushed out of the hill and dashed towards them. They were obviously hostile, their teeth grinding against each other.

"As far as I could tell, there should be four crocodiles," Tyson said with confidence. "Let me deal with them!"

"Ha-ha, sure, please. You are the only one who can handle them. I would definitely die if I fought against them," Ricky replied, a smile resting on his face.

"That's true, ha-ha. Here I come!" Tyson laughed out loud and then attacked the beasts, intending to slaughter them mercilessly!

'I saw his fight against the Rats; it's clear that Tyson could only fight against beasts at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement when exerting his full strength. According to what Alva once told me, he is a second-class genius, a lower kind for that matter, ' Ricky reasoned in his heart as he watched Tyson fight the crocodiles.

'Yet in the Realm of Wildness, he is still at the top. Generally speaking, he is strong and righteous, so is Kristen. Probably I should find a chance and convince them to join the Misty South Faction!'

It didn't take long for Tyson to kill the crocodiles. He walked towards Ricky while whistling. "It's all done,"

ief just lent it to me to help us take these resources back! It's not our possession. I'm supposed to return it when we get back," Tyson explained in response.

"I don't think the Chief would ever give it up easily. A storage ring is highly precious. It is as valuable as all these resources, more or less!"

"Yeah, you are right!" Ricky replied with a low voice.

They began collecting all the resources into the storage ring without any hesitation and then hurriedly backtracked and left the Black Marsh!

As they predicted, many people arrived at the Black Marsh within four hours after they had left. They scrambled to come on time, hoping to gain some treasures the Rats had. However, they were all too late. Nothing was left but some beasts which were terrified to death.


While they were busy searching the Black Marsh, Tyson, Ricky, and Kristen had already arrived at another remote place far away from the Black Marsh. They found a secret cave where they could stay and wait for Kristen to wake up.

While they were waiting, Ricky and Tyson investigated the resources in the storage ring, curious about how much they could get.

They initially thought that one tenth of these resources wouldn't be much amount when distributed into three people. However, the result surprised both of them. They made a rough estimation and concluded that one tenth of the resources would amount to almost thirty thousand golden coins!

Plus the two thousand gold coins, each of them would have twelve thousand golden coins!

That was a lot of money for anyone. Even a demi-immortal warrior, who lived a wealthy life, would find it to be a large fortune.

"This is huge! The mission brings us twelve thousand golden coins! I did not expect that at all! I'm sure I will soon reach the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement and be on the way to the seventh grade!" Tyson exclaimed with excitement.

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