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   Chapter 234 The After Effects

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10899

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"Russell, I know what to do. See those flames? They're called the Devil Flame. I will have to use my eyes to put them out before things get worse," Kristen said. "That will drain most of your energy, Kristen! Are you sure about this?" Ricky questioned in concern. "Yes, I... I can do it," she answered hesitantly. The Devil Flame began to fade away as soon as Kristen activated her power. The flame disappeared a few moments later and the entire Black Marsh was saved from its supposed destruction.

Kristen almost passed out from fatigue after using up most of her energy. Luckily, Ricky immediately caught her and helped her back up. "Are you alright?" Ricky worriedly asked. "Yes, I'm fine; I just need to rest. Thank you, Russell," Kristen answered. "I should be the one thanking you, Kristen. If it weren't for you and the power of your eyes, the Devil Flame would have continued to burn and destroy everything in its path," he said. Ricky started to develop an interest in the Devil Flame after experiencing its power first hand. He had realized its destructive capabilities and began to put a lot of thought into the flame's true nature.

He also realized that the Devil Flame could be sealed off by an array deployed by a professional array deployer. Of course, he wouldn't have known about that if it wasn't for Kristen.

"Buzz!" A faint buzzing sound suddenly could be heard as Ricky was lost in deep thought about the Devil Flame. He realized that the noise was coming from Kristen. Her energy was still fully drained from fending off the powerful flame and she then completely passed out.

"Maybe it would be best if we find you a place to rest, Kristen. You have to recover your strength after all," Ricky said with a tender smile on his face. Then, he took out a robe from his storage ring and gently wiped away the blood from around Kristen's eyes.

After that, he picked Kristen up and brought her to a safe and clean place where she could rest. He spread his robe out on the ground and placed her on it carefully, trying to make it more comfortable for her to lie on.

He sat down near Kristen and waited for Tyson. Tyson had gone to catch the two deputy leaders of the Rats. As they were waiting, he started to think about exchanging something he had for a bit of Kristen's Devil Flame.

'If I want to exchange a bit of my Heaven Slaughtering Fire for a bit of her Devil Flame, will she agree to that?' Ricky wondered wildly. 'What if my Heaven Slaughter Fire is not worthy enough to exchange for it? Would the Treasures from Heaven and Earth be good enough? It looks like I will have to look for a priceless Treasure from Heaven and Earth before I can make a trade!'

His mind just kept racing wildly like that because he was so fascinated by the great power of the Devil Flame.

Half an hour later, Tyson came back. When he returned he was carrying a man who was completely passed out on his shoulders. Ricky guessed that the guy must be the deputy leader of the Rats. His power was known to be at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement!

"Tyson, where is the other deputy leader of the Rats?" Ricky asked quickly before Tyson could say anything.

"Russell, don't worry; he will not wake up anymore. I'm not good at handlin

y!" Ricky said lightly.

Ricky and Tyson were confident that the man would definitely take them to the place that stored all the resources. It was obvious he didn't want to die yet and was very afraid to die, so the threat was likely to work against him.

Sure enough, after a moment of trembling and thinking about his options, the deputy leader opened his mouth and said, "I will take you gentlemen there, but you two must keep your promise not to kill me!"

"Your cowardice is just a total load of crap! Killing you won't benefit us at all, after all! Letting you be to help us is the better idea, so lead the way!" Tyson ordered coldly. He pushed the man in front of him, forcing him to lead the way to the resources of the Rats.

"Remember this. Don't play tricks by taking us to the marsh to try and trap us. We guarantee that you will die faster and in a more gruesome way if you do that!"

"Please, no, I would never do that! I am quite aware of the consequence if I don't obey you!" the man replied quickly and firmly.

"Russell, I'll give you the chance to take care of Kristen from now on. Don't let her be left alone!" Tyson said and motioned to Ricky to look after Kristen for him.

"Tyson, you and Kristen are quite familiar with each other, so I think..."

Ricky stopped talking abruptly as he found that Tyson and the deputy leader had gone more than ten yards from him by then. Tyson didn't seem to hear what Ricky was saying at all!

"Oh, Tyson!" Ricky protested in an unhappy tone and felt helpless. He had no way to move Kristen, but to carry her on his back and follow closely behind them! He started walking slowly and carefully out of the Black Marsh. He had to be careful because, if he made a mistake, he and Kristen would be left in the nasty marsh forever.

Ricky couldn't deny that he quite liked carrying Kristen around. Her body was soft and warm against his back as he walked. He didn't mind that he had to hold on to her thighs to support her as he carried her either!

"Wow, it seems that I don't have to suffer at all while carrying her on my back!" Ricky murmured to himself with a wicked smile covering his face again.

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