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   Chapter 233 The Black Flames

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8637

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The living watched with fearful eyes as the terrible scene unfolded into something akin to death itself. The scent of sulfur assailed their nostrils as fire spread out, burning everything along its path.

In the midst of the heat, deep, bloody eyes glowed behind the gray curtain of smog. It was as if hell had come to the land of the living, and the mortals who bore witness cowered in its presence.

Amid the hundred venomous beasts that screamed violently, a ringing silence came across everyone's ears. All people trembled at this display of power.

Buzz, buzz! It was at this moment that a strong urge throbbed within Ricky. The erratic change had incited a kind of hunger in the Chaotic Fire Zone. He could feel its desire to absorb the black plague.

'Kristen's blood eyes are powerful, ' he thought to himself. 'It would be enough to summon energy as powerful as the peculiar fire and sacred fire.' Ricky closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The outbreak of this black plague was by nature more powerful than the three kinds of fire energy he held in his body as Kristen was of a higher rank than him. Through the Chaotic Fire Zone, Ricky had a strong feeling that the black flames would never disappear unless Kristen controlled it with her blood eyes.

As this thought came over him, Ricky's eyes were drawn to the trail of fire. It was mercilessly burning not only animals, but also the earth in the Black Marsh.

Earth, as they all knew, could not be burnt by any sacred fire. But the scene that Ricky was witnessing with his very eyes defied this very fact. He kept his eyes on the fire, as if to make sure he was not seeing an illusion. And there it was. The Earth burned into a crisp until it disappeared at the touch of the black flames.

'What fire is this!?' Ricky asked in his head. He had never seen anything like it.

The air crackled and the tongues of black fire spread even further.

It had not been long, but the flames had already burned nearly a hundred beasts to death. And as if that wasn't enough, it continued to incinerate bodies until everything had been reduced to ash.

The black flames gathered around Kristen, changing configuration slowly.

"Die!" Rattus stood in shock at the scene. Kristen turned to him, her eyes filled with a murderous glint. At this moment, the black flames coiled and curved until it had formed into the outline of an eye.

Immediately, the eye of fire shot a black flame arrow that flew straight to Rattus' direction.

Sensing danger, Rattus recovered from his trance brought about by the pervasiv

sed their bleeding.

Reaching for his pocket, he took out a Recovery Pill and let her take it.

The pill could not only be used to heal poison. It could also restore a warrior's physical strength.

Kristen swallowed it down, but even the pill's potency did little except give her body a little of her strength back. She had taken too much damage from battle. Using the black flames had backfired and taken a toll on Kristen's body. She was not able to contain the huge amount of energy and she was now feeling the consequences.

Seeing this, Ricky took out two more Recovery Pills and handed them to her. Fear rose in his heart as he looked at her weak state. He would never be able to forgive himself if he let her die here.

But instead of taking the pills, Kristen feebly pushed Ricky's hand away. "Ricky, even a thousand Recovery Pills won't help me now. This is the price of the blood eye," she said. At her words, Ricky's fear was slowly being taken over with helplessness.

Refusing to believe her completely, he insisted that she take them.

But Kristen just shook her head. Leaning on his arms, she stood up.

"Kristen, what are you doing? If you won't take the pills, then just sit down and rest," Ricky said, not understanding why she was standing up despite her weakened state.

Kristen staggered, but her eyes shone with determination. "I have to be quick and take advantage of this time. I can still use the blood eyes and I have to take care of these flames. The fire will burn down everything unless there is an array deployer to seal them!" Kristen said slowly.

She took a deep breath. Then, opening her eyes once again, she used what was left of her energy to summon the blood eyes.

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