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   Chapter 232 Blood Eyes In Black Flame

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"Ha-ha, you don't have to worry. I can handle these beasts. You go ahead and defeat that shifty-looking guy." Tyson laughed.

The next moment, Ricky felt that Tyson was stronger than before. He was at his peak and could defeat all these remaining beasts.

"Russell, you help Tyson while I take care of this guy!" Kristen refused his suggestion.

"Well, you take care of yourself. He may be seriously injured, but he is still at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement," Ricky reminded her. Then he and Tyson fought bravely to defeat all the remaining beasts.

"Go to hell! It's like you want to be killed!" Rattus roared. His face growing more ferocious.

"Do you think that I would depend everything on my followers? Today, I'm going to tear you to pieces!"

"Growl!" Rattus roared again.

"Did...did he summon the poisonous beasts again?" Ricky murmured in disbelief.

But just as he expected, a large number of beasts around the Black Marsh rushed out all at once. They were definitely more than last time.

Seeing this, both Tyson and Ricky were stunned because now they were too weak to keep fighting.

Maybe Ricky could continue to fight, because he was able to maintain his own peak state with the Devourer Zone. But it was still not enough. Even if he could stay at the peak all the time, he still wouldn't be able to defeat all these beasts. Most of them were at the fifth or even the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement!

'Even if I wanted to show them the Heaven Melting Pagoda, I wouldn't be able to. Because Alva's sleeping and that means the Heaven Melting Pagoda's sleeping too, ' Ricky thought to himself.

As for the Chaotic Fire Zone and the Devourer Zone, Ricky didn't want to reveal them yet.

"Ha-ha, you will learn that whoever dares to oppose me shall face their death. Aren't you supposed to be strong? I'd like to see you kill all the beasts under the seventh grade of Bone Rei

with a ferocious smile slicing across his face.

As soon as he said this, all the beasts roared and rushed to Ricky and Tyson.


At this moment, the Chaotic Fire Zone in Ricky's body caused an enormous tremble. The Heaven Melting Fire and the Heaven Slaughtering Fire did the same.

'How is it possible that the sacred fire or the peculiar fire exist in this area?!' Ricky thought in shock.

Then Ricky followed his sense, trying to detect where the strange feeling came from. To his great surprise, he felt that strange fire was coming from where Kristen was smothered by the filthy beasts.

He also recalled that Kristen also affected his Chaotic Fire Zone, and then he thought with disbelief, 'Dose Kristen have the sacred fire or the peculiar fire, just like Autelan?'

'Does that mean Kristen might have survived?'

Then in an instant…

The beasts on top of Kristen burst into black flames. And in the black flames mixed with red was the taste of blood.

It attracted the attention of all eyes, including the beasts'.

Suddenly, a black figure came out of the black flame. It was Kristen.

However, Kristen had become more grim. Her eyes had turned into blood red and her body was burning. And the blood seeped out from the corners of her eyes.

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