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   Chapter 231 Iron Golem

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"Well, bitch, I can't believe you know the beast tamer. Interesting! Now I definitely have to have you as my woman!" Rattus said viciously, shocked by Kristen's words.

'Beast tamer?' Ricky thought to himself. He was equally puzzled.

But when Rattus summoned lots of poisonous beasts all around, Ricky understood what it was.

"Beast tamer? I can't believe this shifty-eyed guy is a beast tamer. It is a total waste to give him such an extraordinary talent!" Tyson said slowly. Obviously, he had also heard of the beast tamer.

"Tyson, so what is it..." Ricky asked softly.

"Russell, in this world, there are geniuses, warriors who possess the blood power of innate spirit and some talented masters. The beast tamer is one of them," Tyson said.

"Beast tamers have two abilities. First, they can read the minds of ferocious beasts or spiritual beasts and communicate with them. Second, they are endowed with a kind of fortune of beasts.

As for the fortune of beasts, it is hard to make it clear for you. It is the same as the fortune of warriors. Those beast tamers increase their fortune by getting along with spiritual beasts.

So with these two talents, beast tamers can control any beasts in a lower level than them. These beasts will obey their orders absolutely. Now you understand why Rattus can summon so many ferocious beasts!"

"Such a terrific talent! If so, these powerful beast tamers will be invincible," Ricky said seriously.

"That's right. Those powerful beast tamers will be absolutely invincible. However, they have a shortage; that is, they have no talent in martial arts. In their cultivation, they have to make more efforts and consume more resources than other warriors. In other words, their cultivation is much more difficult than us.

So, the top-ranked beast tamers are very rare in the Misty S

re from Ricky.

"I must hurry up!" said Ricky, fearing that Tyson must have burst out his force so abruptly, and he might not last long. In swift movements, Ricky fought his way out, moving his Iron Destroyer with devastating ferocity.

Once he turned on the innate power of that saber, none of the beasts charging at him had a defense left.

"C'mon Russell! You are so cool man. How can you burst out so much force without breaking a sweat?" Tyson exclaimed, oozing with excitement.

"It's a pity. The power is limited!" Ricky responded seriously.

True to his word, the Iron Destroyer stopped bursting out its innate power after cutting a paltry eight times. It seemed to have dried up completely.

Usually, the demi-spiritual weapons could only work for demi-immortal warriors or stronger warriors. Without nourishment from innate spiritual energy, it would only be a tad sharper weapon, slightly above a regular high grade Mortal Level weapons.

Since Ricky was not a demi-immortal warrior, the innate force in the Iron Destroyer would dried up pretty soon.

The only consolation was that about three-quarters of the two hundred beasts were either dead or severely injured by now. It was fairly safe, so far.

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