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   Chapter 230 The Beast Tamer

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After Rattus loudly and furiously gave the order, the Vicious Black Crocodiles and the mobile warriors immediately stepped back. They simply surrounded the 3-member team of Ricky, Tyson, and Kristen from afar.

At the same time, Rattus, with the support of two warriors, walked towards his three enemies. Due to the sharp pain in his testicles, he was walking slowly in a very funny way.

"Ha-ha!" Tyson couldn't help but burst out laughing when he saw the way Rattus was walking. "You poor guy, I believe you are gonna die of that pain without being able to have any descendants! Are you afraid now? If you are, just kowtow to us and apologize. Then, give all your property to us! Also, you need to beg us for our mercy sincerely, then we'll consider sparing your life."

In fact, even Ricky found it hard to hold in the urge of laughing out loud. The image of Rattus at that moment was really hilarious. What he found so funny was the idea of him losing his dignity as a man.

"You are all seeking your deaths! You are all sons of bitches! Especially you bitch, you stinking woman! I, as the head of the Rats, must defeat you and imprison you as my plaything. Then I will give you as a reward to all my subordinates, including the Vicious Black Crocodiles!" Rattus yelled angrily. He was greatly irritated by Tyson's words.

However, Ricky felt another strong wave of murderous intent. It was so tremendous that Ricky was frightened. Using his mind to search, Ricky then found out it was exuding from Kristen.

'She is unbelievably eager to kill! What kind of powerful force is hidden in Kristen's scarlet eyes?' Ricky sighed and thought to himself silently.

At that point, Tyson came over to Ricky and whispered in his ear, "Russell, I think we may not need to join the fight, because Rattus will definitely be killed by Kristen as she has been greatly offended by him!"

"Although Kristen is strong, I don't think she can be that strong. I think you are over-exaggerating. After all, Rattus is a warrior at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement," Ricky whispered and found it hard to believe Tyson's words.

The murderous intent inside of Kristen was strong and the power contained in her eyes was also extremely powerful. Nevertheless, it did not mean that Kristen was able to destroy all of the Rats with her power alone!

"You'll learn about the true extent of her power in a minute!" Tyson said mysteriously, keeping Ricky in suspense.

"Today, you all will die here!" Kristen bellowed slowly and angrily. It was hard for anyone to imagine that a beauty like her could be that furious and that such cruel words could come out of her

could feel the seriousness in Tyson's words. They were now driven into a corner and had no way to run away from it.

"All right! Then let's fight!" Taking in Tyson's words, Ricky had no choice but to sigh. He knew he could not abandon his team members and run away alone this time. Judging from the look on Kristen's face, it was clear that she was greatly determined to kill Rattus today.

"Russell, thank you!" Tyson expressed his appreciation simply and firmly.

"You are welcome. I'll never forget that we're on the same team," Ricky said sincerely. At once, he took out two Recovery Pills from the storage ring in the Devourer Zone and handed them to Tyson.

"You and Kristen each take one Recovery Pill. I think that through the help of the pill, we can be protected from the deadly venom of these beasts!"

"Recovery Pills are so precious though! Russell, it seems we have made quite the right decision by taking you on to our team to finish the task in Black Marsh!" Tyson said excitedly, seeing the two Recovery Pills. The gravity in his eyes slightly receded a little.

Then Tyson took one and delivered the other one to Kristen!

Kristen took the pill directly from Tyson and swallowed it down without checking what kind of pill it was. Tyson was right. She had made up her mind to fight.

'Alas, I lost another two Recovery Pills. I only hope that one-tenth of the contents of the Rats' Treasure Tower are things of some real value to reimburse me!' Although Ricky had offered the two pills voluntarily, he still felt a little sadness in losing them.

So then, there were only nine Recovery Pills left in his storage ring.

"You, must be a very talented beast tamer!" Kristen said seriously as she was looking into Rattus's ferocious eyes.

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