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   Chapter 229 Furious Kristen

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"What's wrong? I am not done fighting yet." As the Vicious Black Crocodile retreated, Tyson also recovered from the state of madness. But he was still in a bad mood.

"They have shown up," Kristen said in a low voice. "Faster than I thought."

On hearing Kristen's words, Ricky and Tyson reacted immediately. They looked straight ahead.

However, what they saw was a group of forty people. Absolutely, they were all members of the Rats.

They didn't pay much attention to this group of people. Instead, they were focusing on these people's feet, because each of them was stepping on a Vicious Black Crocodile.

"How... How is this possible? How can these ferocious crocodiles allow these guys to step on their backs?" Seeing this terrifying scene, Tyson shouted uncontrollably.

Ricky and Kristen didn't utter a single word, but from the look on their faces, they were even more bewildered than Tyson.

"Ha-ha, we all know that when a friend arrives, he must be treated with hospitality. We Rats just dispatched twenty poisonous crocodiles, but I'm afraid it's still not enough. Now, I, Rattus, personally lead my brothers here to welcome you all to my humble abode." When the three were still in astonishment, a sharp-tongued, shifty-eyed thin man appeared from the crowd and let out a roaring laughter.

While he was laughing, his tiny eyes constantly swept around Kristen's plump body, almost drooling.

"Ha-ha, your name is Rattus. You have a spitting image with a rat." Hearing the laughter, Tyson reacted from the shock. He sneered at Rattus, and then laughed.

All of a sudden, the face of Rattus turned gloomy, so did the members of the Rats standing behind. Even those Vicious Black Crocodiles started to roar.

"Leader, please give the order. Let us slay this rubbish and chop him up. Those who insult our leader should all go to hell!" Warriors of the Rats all shouted angrily.

Their outburst was almost strong enough to submerge Tyson.

"Humph! You bastards, why don't you all fight me? That will be my pleasure as I am not through with all of you yet. Come and t

are frightful!' Ricky blurted in his mind.

Needless to say, Rattus must have made Kristen disgusted and nauseated, which aggravated the most furious Kristen.

Tyson standing behind also shook his head, obviously having the same thought as Ricky.

However, Ricky soon found out some key points that Kristen seemed to be able to predict the attack pattern of the members of the Rats in advance, and then make the most precise counterattack. It did not take her much effort to defeat these warriors.

'Does her eyes always appear scary as that? Is this another ability of her bloody eyes?' Ricky thought to himself.

Ricky knew that Kristen's scarlet eyes were odd. And now, this pair of eyes seemed to also ignite the Chaotic Fire Zone inside his body.

But Ricky couldn't analyze and envision what could transpire during the brutal battle.

The battle was a lot easier owing to Kristen's rage and the powerful strikes of Tyson. Time passed by, the Vicious Black Crocodiles and the members of the Rats were slowly losing.

Of course, an important factor was that their leader—Rattus, was seriously hurt by Kristen's sudden kick, making the Rats lose one third of their fighting power.

Because Rattus was at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement, his skills and power were equal to a third of the fighting force of the Rats.

"Step back instantly!" Rattus roared all of a sudden.

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