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   Chapter 228 Defeating The Vicious Black Crocodile

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6773

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Kristen's eyes didn't change because of external factors like the flow of her spiritual energy or anything else. Instead, it happened because of the internal condition of her organs and blood.

Those scarlet eyes didn't appear scary at all. They actually struck Ricky as noble and graceful.

When Kristen showed the color of her eyes, she also took pride in her capacity. But you couldn't say that she was being arrogant. After all, not every warrior had the blood power of innate spirit.

"I bet the color of your eyes is related to your blood power of innate spirit, Kristen. Although I don't fully know the extent of your power yet, I must tell you that it makes you look more graceful and beautiful," Ricky praised Kristen.

"Stop it," Kristen glared shyly at Ricky. But it was obvious that she was quite pleased. Any woman in the world would feel happy when their beauty was complimented!

Tyson, who was standing beside them, gave Ricky a thumbs up. He was impressed.

"May I know the name and power of your eyes, Kristen?" Ricky asked her politely.

"I don't know the name, because I just gained it unconsciously. The Chief has never seen this kind of scarlet eyes before either. As for the power, you'll found out later," said Kristen.

She shot Ricky a mysterious smile.

"You'll also understand why the Chief sent our team here, Russell," Tyson laughed too.

"You two, stay right behind me, or you'll get stuck in the mud of the marsh and die!" Kristen warned, leading the way in the Black Marsh.

Ricky and Tyson had no objection, only following behind her. They both knew that now it was an impractical time to try and prove their machismo.

Ricky guessed that Kristen's scarlet eyes might be able to help her see or sense things hidden in the dark.

The mud in the Black Marsh, which could devour warriors and ferocious beasts, was usually hidden to the naked eye. Perhaps, Kristen's eyes could help her see it clearly.

As they got deeper into the swamp, the first sign of danger appear

red loudly and channeled all his power again, which seemed to be beyond the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement. His eyes flashed dark green.

Suddenly an endless green spiritual energy gathered in Tyson's fists.

Instantly, they transformed into fists of real steel.

Every time he punched with his iron fist, he smashed a Vicious Black Crocodile into pieces. And the poison on their backs didn't harm Tyson at all!

"What a strong fist! Kristen, Tyson must be very good at body refining!" exclaimed Ricky, very impressed.

He had a strong feeling that if they were in the same situation, Tyson would definitely instantly defeat Gennadi and Wyn who ranked first and second among the inner disciples in the Snow Sect. Maybe this was the substantial gap between the talents of the Snow Land and the Heaven Wood Land.

"Yes, there are quite a few talents among the Sky Royal Guards practicing body refining. But as far as I've seen, they can't compete with Tyson!" Kristen nodded, her eyes focused on Tyson.

"Growl! Growl!"

However, something changed again all of a sudden. The Vicious Black Crocodiles who had just been fighting madly a second ago suddenly calmed down and stopped. They rapidly retreated after roaring, as if they had been compelled to back out.

"What's going on?" Ricky asked Kristen at once, thoroughly perplexeds.

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