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   Chapter 226 Join The Royal Sky Guard

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When speaking about the Royal Sky Guard, the two people clearly had a sense of pride in their tone.

"The Royal Sky Guard? You mean the legendary Royal Sky Guard? Are you two actually guards of the famous Sky Manor?" After taking in their words, Ricky bombarded them with questions.

"Ha-ha, Russell, you are so smart. We are guards of the Sky Manor, and we are under the leadership of the Sky Manor's Chief. There should be 36 guards in our manor, and up until now, there are only 35. Our numbers are Guard 34 and Guard 35 respectively," Tyson replied with a smile.

'My god! They are really from Sky Manor. If they invite me to join the Royal Sky Guard, it will be hard for me to make the decision one way or another, ' Ricky thought and was caught in a dilemma.

He had no objection to joining any sort of force, but he did not want to join a strong force such as the Sky Manor, a force of innate spirit, because the human skin mask on his face was likely to be detected by an innate spiritual king like the Chief of the Sky Manor. Then, his true identity would be exposed.

Once his identity was found out, the consequences could be disastrous.

"Guard 34? Guard 35? Tyson, do you mind telling me more details about it?" Ricky asked with curiosity.

"The Chief of the Sky Manor is a powerful middle spiritual king. In addition to pursuing strength, our chief also respects geniuses and has attracted a lot of them to join the Royal Sky Guard established by our chief," Tyson said slowly.

"Within our Royal Sky Guard, our chief only wants to recruit 36 people. Those 36 people must be geniuses."

After a pause, he continued, "The 36 geniuses are then divided into 12 teams. There are three members in each of those teams. They then receive tasks from the Chief. After completing the task, the members will be rewarded accordingly."

"Currently, the Royal Sky Guards have 35 people and have been divided into eleven teams," Tyson added.

"If I haven't guessed it wrong, you're the remaining two geniuses who haven't formed a 3-member team!" Ricky said confidently.

"Russell, you are right. Kristen and I are the remaining two who haven't formed a team, so I came to you today to invite you to join the Royal Sky Guard and form a team with us," Tyson said sincerely.

"Moreover, I don't think it conflicts with your skill training, because accepting the tasks of our chief will have a better training effect on you anyway!"

"Thank you for your invitation, but I don't think I am qualified to join the Royal Sky Guard." Ricky refused his offer and shook his head slightly.

"Russell, if a genius like you is not qualified to join the Royal Sky Guard, then all us other 35 guards really should be fired immediately," Tyson said and laughed.

r choice.

"Ha-ha, then our twelfth team welcomes you, Russell!" Tyson said immediately. Hearing Ricky agree to join their team, he was beaming and very excited. Next to Tyson, Kristen also nodded slightly.

"Thank you. As I am a newcomer, I might need your guidance and help, so please forgive me if I bring you any trouble in the near future," Ricky said.

Then Tyson took a black bag out of his inner pocket. It was a storage bag.

"Is that a legendary storage bag?" Ricky asked curiously.

"Yes, and it's for you!" Tyson said as he handed the storage bag to Ricky. "Inside the bag, there are a thousand gold coins and a piece of a jade token to use as a symbol of the Royal Sky Guard."

After receiving the storage bag, Ricky immediately exercised his mind to get into the bag and explore it. He then saw a thousand gold coins and a white jade token, just as Tyson said. The token was made of some unknown material and it had four words etched on it, 'Sky Manor, on the front and 'Guard 36' on the back.

"So, this jade token will be my identity token, right?" Ricky asked at once.

"Yes, your identity will be the 36th Guard. The gold coins and the storage bag are your rewards for joining the Royal Sky Guard. In the future, you will have to take your own staff to Sky Manor to exchange rewards," Tyson explained carefully.

"Thank you! Wow, Sky Manor is really quite generous. This storage bag alone is worth thousands of gold coins. Sky Manor, as a force of innate spirit, really lives up to its reputation!" Ricky said and laughed as he completely accepted his new identity as a member of the Royal Sky Guard at last.

"So next, I'm going to tell you the second task that our chief assigned to us. Whether you accept it or not is totally up to you," Kristen stated now that Ricky was an official member of their team.

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