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   Chapter 225 Two Mysterious Strangers

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10052

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"Is he really gone, Tracy? He's gone, right? Will he ever come back? Will we ever see him again?" Alicia sobbed softly and asked, her eyes brimmed with tears. She tried hard to hold her emotions in. The possibility of not being able to see Ricky anymore washed over her like the waves in the ocean.

"I don't know, my dear sister. Maybe we'll see him again. But please don't hold on to it too much," Tracy replied in the same grief-stricken tone, her eyes wandering to the exact spot where Ricky once appeared. His face flashed in her mind over and over again as she remembered every second that they shared. One day, as life should continue, they might both be married to the people they'd love in the future. However, they would never forget Ricky, who once saved both of them and as well as their family from the python and other troubles. Secretly, Alicia and Tracy had the same feelings for Ricky. They knew they had to get rid of those feelings for the rest of their lives.

Noticing his daughters' distress, Charlie turned towards them. "Tracy, Alicia… I know how you feel about him. However, I think it would be best if you forgot about him instead. Russell is Russell. He isn't someone who can just lead a normal life. He would never stop being a warrior for you. You are both just another faces he'd soon forget. He is unreachable. Moping over him is of no use." Surely, Charlie felt the affliction that his daughters were suffering through at that moment. Ricky just came out of nowhere and rescued them. It was inevitable that such young girls would feel that way for him. But as their father, he knew better.

"He is indeed beyond our reach. We'll never see him again," Tracy muttered to herself, letting her thoughts wander.

Each night was going to be a long night with his absence.

When daylight came, Ricky had already left the Water Fire City.

He was headed to a place called the Chaotic Region. It was a piece of land that was within the territory of the Sky Manor.

Before leaving the Gu Clan, Ricky was able to hear of this place from Charlie.

As suggested by its name, the Chaotic Region was prone to chaos and mess. It was their normalcy. Demi-immortals in that place fought one another to improve their abilities.

Rumor had it that a great chance existed within the Chaotic Region. Any demi-immortal who defeated his enemies should be able to obtain this chance. Upon doing so, a warrior could break through his current level and become an actual innate spiritual king!

But rumors were rumors until they were founded. However, this didn't stop the demi-immortals from trying to unravel the mysteries that surrounded this certain great chance. Because of that particular reason, the Chaotic Region attracted eight demi-immortals despite its lack of spacious areas.

To Ricky, it was a perfect place to cultivate his skills.

Not a single innate spiritual king existed there. He wouldn't have to worry about being discovered through his breaths. Using his mask,

now that. I come from a small sect in the West Desolate Land. I am here to cultivate my abilities."

'A small sect from the West Desolate Land?' Kristen thought to herself, suspicions starting to creep into her mind.

"I'm pretty sure you already know why we're here," Tyson said playfully. He, on the other hand, didn't think much about Ricky's origins. He had already calmed down and even had a smile on his face while talking to Ricky.

"According to one of our men, someone who was able to defeat a warrior far stronger than him had appeared in the Water Fire City. We asked around and now here we are. I've tested your ability and I'm one hundred percent sure that you are more than just a genius who could beat someone stronger than you. Indeed, you are the supreme genius in all the Heaven Wood Land!"

Tyson's excitement only grew.

"I appreciate that, Tyson. But if I were the same man you speak of, how come I wasn't able to dodge your attack?" Ricky replied, a sly smile playing on his lips.

Recalling how Tyson mentioned about "one of their men", he reckoned they hailed from a big organization. They definitely had spies all over the Water Fire City. Only a large scale organization could afford such manpower.

"Oh, Russell. Have you forgotten that you're just at the first grade of Bone Reinforcement? To tell you the truth, Tyson's punch is strong enough to defeat most warriors in the fourth grade," Kristen interrupted, giggling to herself.

"She's right! To me, you are a super genius! Don't be so modest, man! Otherwise, I'd have to throw some more punches your way just to prove so," Tyson laughed.

"Ha! Fine with me!" Ricky joked back. "So, why did you guys want to talk to me? I'm pretty sure finding out who I am wasn't your ultimate goal." At that very moment, Ricky's tone was serious. The air shifted.

Both Tyson and Kristen nodded at each other, as if in agreement. At the same time, they responded, "You're right. We are from the Royal Sky Guard."

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