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   Chapter 224 Fortune

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Ricky defeated Rupert. It meant that he had succeeded in challenging someone three levels above him. He was now a peerless genius.

"Alva, I am a peerless genius now. When will you wake up?" he whispered to himself. Not a long time had passed, but there was an empty, lingering space in his chest. He missed Alva very much.

Images of his father also floated by in his mind. "Where are you, father? Have you heard any news about mother?" Whispering a silent prayer, Ricky let his thoughts wander to those of the ones he loved.


"Is it over?"

A sweeping hush fell upon the warriors at the sight of Ricky emerging with his saber.

Were their eyes playing tricks on them? Rupert was among the strongest men they had ever laid eyes on. The very mention of his name was enough to make anyone shudder in fear. In the Water Fire City, his word was law.

But now, this young warrior who had not yet reached the age of maturity had emerged victorious from the battle. It was impossible not to feel stunned at the outcome of the fight.

As the curtain of air and dust dissipated, Rupert finally came into view.

His mangled body lay stretched on a deep pit, his limbs twitching their last spasms. A deep gash ran across his chest and blood pooled from it to the ground like a crimson carpet. There was only the sound of his gasps and sputters as the life drained from him with each second.

Then, there was nothing but stillness from his lifeless form.

Ricky's voice sliced through the awed silence of the people who watched the scene with disbelieving eyes. "Well, your Miraculous Water Orb doesn't seem to have anything special!" he proclaimed, walking to the deep pit.

"I am the winner!" His eyes scanned the crowd, then he pointed to Rupert's body. "And he, Rupert of the Zhen Clan, was just a pathetic loser," Ricky declared.

With this, his days at the Water Fire City had finally come to an end. If nothing else, the Gu Clan would claim rulership over the city, but this did not interest Ricky in the slightest. He was going to leave here.

There was nothing this city could offer for him to improve himself further.


Rupert's death meant the impending breaking apart of the Zhen Clan. It would only be a matter of time before other clans would destroy what was left of them.

The Gu Clan's courtyard was lively with joy and excitement, and the name of one young and mighty warrior was on everyone's lips.


After the bat

n's words.

"You must not forget. The mastery of a force is deeply connected to one's fortune," Charlie continued.

"You will find more chances in the Heaven Wood Land even with all the three other lands combined. Most of the innate spiritual kings have great ambitions. They fight against one another to get their hands on the resources found in the land. Only by fighting and finding their fortunes are they able to cultivate their skills."

"I understand now," Ricky replied.

'This fortune that Uncle Charlie refers to could be the one thing Alva had always said—the supreme enlightenment. If not, then it would certainly be close, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"By the way, Uncle Charlie, which force dominates the Water Fire City?" Ricky asked once again.

"The Sky Manor," Charlie answered wistfully.

"Sky Manor!" Ricky exclaimed. "Do you know how many geniuses are in it?"

Anticipation coursed through Ricky's veins as he thought of all the different kinds of warriors he would encounter and the skills they possessed. The quickest way to develop himself and test his strength would be to use them in an actual battle. He was still weak, and he was determined to be much stronger from where he was at the moment.

"It is said that there are three innate spiritual kings in the Sky Manor," Charlie replied. He had an inkling of what was going through the young man's mind, but he spoke no further.


That evening, Ricky climbed over the wall and left the Gu Clan without a word.

As his steps took him further, Charlie and his two daughters emerged from the darkness, looking toward the direction he left.

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