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   Chapter 223 Prove Myself

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7022

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'This is just wrong. That kind of strength can't belong to Rupert. If it were really his, he would have shown all of it off from the get-go. In addition, only some array power requires blood sacrifice. This can't be right.' This immediately occurred to Ricky right after the shocking event that unfolded right before him.

Murmurs coming from the other warriors at the scene also validated his suspicions.

"It's the Miraculous Water Orb! It is said that every master from the Zhen Clan would use a certain kind of skill that has the ability to gather spiritual energy to produce the Miraculous Water Orb. Then, they pass it on to the next clan master before their death! It's the clan's ultimate secret!"

"I've also heard of such an orb! I didn't know it was inside Rupert's forehead, however! It's just a surprise how he needed to sacrifice some of his blood in order to use the Miraculous Water Orb!"

"That's not his own strength, is it? Regardless, Russell would still be in danger! After being able to use the orb in his possession, Rupert now probably has the strength of a warrior at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement!"

"It's time to decide who wins and who loses."

Everyone had their own set of theories about the fight.

'I see. So this is what they call the Miraculous Water Orb.' Ricky came up with that realization upon hearing the fuss among the other warriors.

'If every master from the Zhen Clan did this, this would mean that Rupert had more than one Miraculous Water Orb. I have to beat this guy in one go. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the upper hand in this battle in the long run.' Ricky continued to analyze the situation.

"Today, you shall die under the power of my Miraculous Water Orb," Rupert said in extreme confidence after releasing the miracles of the orb. The eagerness in his aura had diminished, only to be replaced with malicious intent.

"Die? Today? What a joke! You think you can kill me with just your weak orb?" Ricky answered mockingly. "Let me tell you this. There is no way you'll ever defeat me. No matter what you do, the results

the two had caused was immeasurable. At that particular moment, people paid closer attention to where the water and fire were spreading out.

"How is this possible? How can so much power be present all at the same time?" Onlookers were surprised by Rupert's loud cry.

The devouring power managed to eat up Rupert's Double-waved Palm. He never expected such a fierce force to collide with his.

That wasn't all there was. A final wave of power came out, completely destroying Rupert's Double-waved Palm. This caused him to lose his confidence totally.

The unparalleled strength of the explosion of two kinds of runic power and the merging of three powerful flames was finally shown in Ricky's recovering body.

At the center of the explosion where the Double-waved Palm was smashed, Rupert's body fell heavily to the ground.

Another wave of flame strike hit where Rupert's body was located. At that point, he was almost unconscious.

"Bang!" Another explosion shook the entire place. A small mushroom-like cloud flew over the place, indicating that it was the end of the battle.

The audience was then enveloped by a thick layer of dust that spread quickly. The emotions that filled the place were mixed. But mostly, they were impressed.

"Finally, I have proven myself to be a peerless genius!" Slowly, a tall figure carrying a saber on his right hand walked out of the blast.

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