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   Chapter 222 The Miraculous Water Orb

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"Bang!" Once again, both of them exerted their internal strength and launched attacks towards each other. They were both trying hard to defeat the other. Carrying their powerful energy, they collided so hard that they brought forth a tremendous sound. The noise was a bit weaker than the one when they first collided but it was still jarring.

Only those who were more powerful than Ricky and Rupert could detect the small difference. As for those on-lookers, all of them were unable to tell the slight difference because they were weaker than Ricky and Rupert. All they felt and thought to themselves was 'Wow, incredible! They are so strong! What a wonderful battle!'

Rupert, however, felt everything. When his claw met Ricky's fist, he sensed that there seemed to be an invisible mouth behind Ricky's fist. All the power belonging to his claw was absorbed by that mouth via Ricky's fist.

Theoretically, his attack was supposed to be far stronger than Ricky's fist. Nevertheless, the power of his attack was devoured by another mysterious power hiding within Ricky's body. As a result, he was unable beat Ricky with his claw.

'No! No! No way! How is this possible?!' Rupert thought to himself desperately feeling as if he was about to lose his mind.

He exerted more internal strength to make his claw stronger. However, it was too late. Once a punch or claw was sent out to attack the enemy, one could increase the power of the fist or claw before it hit the enemy. When it already reached the enemy and its energy already broke out, trying to increasing the power of the fist or claw would be completely in vain. That was exactly what happened between Rupert and Ricky.

The energy of Rupert's claw and Ricky's fist broke apart as they met. The fire on Ricky's fist crackled and was burning ferociously, trying to dry the water. The water on Rupert's claw was roaring as it likewise tried to put down the fire. It was literally a situation where fire and water were incompatible. The war truly broke out between them then!

The endless power of two different elements caused air blasts and rippled over the atmosphere. The waves were so powerful, that it seemed as if they could tear apart reality. Both Ricky and Rupert were knocked back a few steps again. The crowed could not help squinting their eyes to resist the strong energy. They instinctively wanted to avoid getting injured. The fight was just too much for most of them.

At that time, neither Ricky nor Rupert held the upper hand.

They were forced to walk backwards for almost the same amount of steps. After that collision, both of them spat blood. Needless to say, both of them had internal injuries. Ending in a draw that round was just a superficial state for them. Things were different on Ricky's side.

'My body! My body refined in the Devouring Zone! I'm so glad you didn't disappoint me!' Ricky thought to himself in excitement. Ending up tying with Rupert was actually a good sign. It indicated that Ricky was able to resist an attack from a warrior at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement, and that he was capable enough to challenge someone who was three levels higher than him!

At the very beginning, Ricky had thought that there was going to be a serious fight between him and Rupert before he was

deadly strike. He had already reached his goal of generating his peak power. It would only be a waste of him time should he engaged in a protracted war against Rupert. So, it was time to end the battle.

Rupert, on the other hand, activated all his strength. His peak energy was pumping through his veins. Meanwhile, he produced an array with his hands facing each other. Immediately, ten drops of blood brimmed over each of his ten fingers respectively. Then they gathered in the array, forming a bigger drop of blood. Soon, it rushed to his forehead and seeped into his body!

"What is he doing? Did he intend to use his blood essence? That was not the right procedure for releasing the blood essence!" muttered Ricky in shock. Seeing Rupert busy performing the strange method, he became confused.

Though had no idea about what Rupert's was doing, Ricky was still confident. Meanwhile, he kept himself alert, knowing that Rupert was about to use his last card at that critical time. Deep inside, he was even quite expectant and curious about what kind of method Rupert was going to utilize.

"Russell, be careful, please! He is going to use the Miraculous Water Orb!" Charlie reminded him. Clearly, he knew about Rupert's last card, or perhaps he himself had such a card too.

"The Miraculous Water Orb?" Hearing Charlie's warning, Ricky grew puzzled. He had never heard of such a weapon or tool before. He took a closer look at Rupert and saw what it was like.

The moment the ten drop of blood sank into his forehead, a strong water energy poured out from Rupert's body. Immediately, it engulfed the space just like an abrupt tsunami was pouring over them.

Then, a round and transparent ball about the size of a fist popped out from Rupert's forehead.

Despite its relatively small size, Ricky felt that the transparent sphere contained extremely strong miraculous water power which was almost as powerful as the power of water in the vast sea.

That analogy was probably a bit exaggerated. It was still indeed quite strong.

"How can it be? This water orb... How can it be so powerful?" Ricky asked in great shock. Rupert had indeed surprised him with the strange water orb.

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