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   Chapter 221 The Ultimate Battle

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'Rupert is the master of the Zhen Clan. He is at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement. So next, it's my time to prove that I'm a genius who can go against someone of a superior level!' Ricky thought, seeing the middle-aged man dressed in a blood red robe and approached him quickly.


Patrick's needle had indeed contained a highly toxic substance. Even the warriors who were at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement couldn't survive after being poisoned.

But Ricky was much stronger than before. He had acquired the Devouring Skill, making him harder to wound. When this poisonous needle entered into his body, he wielded the devouring power to absorb the poison into the Devourer Zone. He then let the devouring runes dissolve it slowly.


"Rupert has finally showed up, so now we're going to see some real fun!" many warriors said in a hushed voice. When Rupert appeared, they had forgotten to wonder about how Ricky didn't get poisoned. All their attention was focused on Rupert.

"That's right. It would be even better if all three of them were injured..."

They discussed with each other.

Boom! When Rupert showed up, the endless waves of spiritual energy almost drowned the gate of the Gu Clan's house. The anger and hatred contained in that spiritual energy seemed to condense into a physical substance.

Immediately, all the warriors in the area retreated again. Rupert's murderous intent was very intense, so they didn't want to get hurt just by standing near the fight!

"I will kill you!" Rupert roared. Then he gathered an attack with his water palms. He slapped at Ricky ferociously. The pain of losing his sons left only grief and loathing in his heart.

He didn't realize that his sons' deaths were all his own fault. If he hadn't sent Jalen there, how could Jalen have met Ricky in the first place? If he didn't try to find out Ricky's real strength and have Patrick attack him secretly, he would not have lost his older son either!

"Go to hell!" Ricky roared out, bursting out his Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to its peak and rushing at Rupert!

"Five Beasts Arts, Tiger Arts and Tiger Flame Fist!"

Under the blue light, Ricky jumped high. The endless flame spiri

feat me!" Ricky grinned. His momentum burst out again, and then he directly used the Devouring Skill to attack.

Ricky was very excited because such extreme challenge made him feel the desire to become a genius in the world!

"You are asking for death, young man!" Rupert shouted indignantly upon hearing Ricky's words.

In the next moment, Rupert decided he didn't really care about the real identity of his foe. For him it was a disgrace to be beaten by a warrior at the first grade of Bone Reinforcement. Then, he condensed his power and rushed at Ricky again.

"Water Miraculous Wave--Wave Sharp Claws!" With a shout, Rupert's body leaped into the air several times. His arms were surrounded by the water spiritual energy and it burst out directly. Instantly the energy turned into two sharp claws as he rushed toward Ricky.

"Devouring Skill--Devouring Fire Fist!"

Ricky started running and released his devouring power. Then, he merged into the flames. He clenched his fist and crashed into Rupert's attack head on!

'Now this body of mine is condensed with my devouring energy. It can therefore also be called the devouring body. Next, I'll show you how powerful this body is!' Ricky thought to himself in anticipation.

'Can Russell resist Rupert's attacks again this time?' All disciples around wondered suspiciously. They stared at the center of the collision, afraid of missing any details!

Bang! Their two powerful attacks collided again in front of everyone's eyes!

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