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   Chapter 220 Rupert Shows Up

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7518

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"I have made it clear just now, Russell. It's all my brother's fault. We can't blame anybody for it, so my father sent me here today to apologize!" Patrick said earnestly.

"We can't afford to go against you, Russell. So, I thought we should clear the air face to face!"

"If that's what you came here for, then you don't need to worry about that. I'll never blame a man's whole family for what he did. Since the Zhen Clan can get over this, then I will also let it go!" Ricky said slowly.

Of course, Ricky would be a fool if he really believed what Patrick said!

"You really are a noble gentleman, Russell. Thank you, I really appreciate it!" Patrick was made more humble when he heard Ricky, bowing politely.

Just as Patrick bowed, everything had changed.

Without anyone noticing, a black light had come out of Patrick's sleeve. It shot into Ricky's stomach before he could even realize what was happening!

Clap! Ricky finally came to his senses after tottering backward a little. When he realized what happened there, his face turned gloomy.

At the same time, all the warriors around also realized that Patrick had made a move to attack!

"Russell!" Tracy and her sister cried out immediately, rushing to Ricky and holding him up carefully.

"What are you doing, Patrick?!" Charlie roared, directly striking Patrick with a fierce blow.

An old man stepped out from the crowd to stop Charlie. The old man forced him backward with a swift punch.

"It is a top-ranked warrior of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement, Elder Dale from the Zhen Clan!" At once, all the people around realized who the old man really was.

"It seems that the master of the Gu Clan has gotten treated by the Black Poison Flower, so he has recovered a lot of his strength!"

"So what? Even though he had recovered, he is now the same level as Elder Dale. Now with Rupert here, the Gu Clan is doomed to be destroyed!"

"Patrick is so awful and devious! He even play such a trick! No one else would have thought of it!"


"Ha-ha! What am I doing? Don't you see that this young man on your side has been seriously poisoned, Uncle Charlie? His injury is ten times more serious than yours, so nobody can save your clan this time!"

With t

d so fast that he could not even say a word.

Ricky's right hand had punched out and pierced through his chest. They could even hear the sound of blood dripping to the ground from the giant wound.

"I've warned you that it is not ever certain who will die in the end, but you wouldn't listen." Ricky had already regained his power and stood straight as he spoke coldly.

As soon as Patrick had realized what happened to him, he was already dead.

Then, all the people who were fighting suddenly realized what had just happened. Both the Gu Clan and the Zhen Clan stopped to watch.

"How... How is it possible that Russell was not poisoned? I definitely saw Patrick's poisonous sting stab into his stomach!" The warriors all exclaimed in disbelief.

"That's great! Russell is fine!" Tracy and Alicia cheered excitedly. The disciples of the Gu Clan also looked at him in delight.

"Young Master!" The people of the Zhen Clan couldn't believe what they had just seen. All of them were roaring in rage.

As everyone was still trying to figure out what happened, a voice of rage called out, "How dare you kill my sons, you bastard?! You're digging your own grave! You are so dead!"

A scarlet figure with a strong aura of cruelty came right to the scene, making all the warriors shiver. When Ricky saw him, his brows furrowed in concern.

There was no doubt that the man was Rupert Zhen, the master of the Zhen Clan. He was a powerful warrior at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement!

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