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   Chapter 219 An Unexpected Visitor

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The Fire Cloud Fist was a fire-natured cultivation method in the intermediate stage of the Black Level. There were four levels of that type of fist.

For one thing, warriors who wanted to practice this method had to have the capability to control and manipulate their fire spiritual energy with their own will. They had to be powerful enough to transfer their fire spiritual energy into either a cloud or mist easily.

It was a bit similar for warriors to practice the Chaotic Fire Skill, which required the practitioners to be able to control the fire freely.

It sounded like an easy job, but it was not as easy as it seemed. Few warriors who focused on practicing the cultivation methods of fire elements were strong enough to do it.

Another thing was that they had to be able to feel the strong fire elements from the air or space around them. They needed to control those elements from outside skillfully. They also had to change them into either a cloud or mist just like what they could do to their own fire spiritual energy.

Only those who were strong enough to manipulate both the external fire elements and the internal fire spiritual energy were qualified to practice the Fire Cloud Fist.

The four levels of the fist were able to be explained in depth. To reach the first level, warriors should be able to use the fire spiritual energy they possessed and the fire elements from the outside to form a shadow fist with the shape of fire cloud. They then had to show their peak energy.

To reach the second level, warriors should be able to form two fists and show energy that was twice as strong as their own strength.

To reach the third level, warriors should form three fists and show energy that was thrice as strong as their own strength.

As for the highest level, the forth level, there was not a uniform standard. How many fists they could form and how strong their power could become all depended on how smart and talented the warrior who used it was.

'It is really worthy to be identified as a cultivation method at the intermediate stage of Black Level! I've already felt that practicing it is going to be much more difficult that practicing the Five Beasts Arts! I'm sure it's going to be a really powerful method if I succeed in practicing it! Don't disappoint me, Fire Cloud Fist!' Ricky said silently to himself. He was delighted at the prospect of learning the new skill.

One of the crucial advantages of the Fire Cloud Fist was that one was able to use energy more powerful than their own base strength. That trait deviated itself far from an ordinary cultivation method at the intermediate stage of the Black Level. It made itself more like one of the advanced cultivation methods of the Black Level.

'I've already succeeded in the Chaotic Fire Skill. This means that I'm able to manipulate the fire easily. With such an advantage, reaching the first level of the Fire Cloud Fist is not going to be difficult for me. For the first night here... I'd like to know how much progress I can make tonight!' thought Ricky, as he activated the two Supreme Skills he owned and began to practice and comprehend the Fire Cloud Fist. His cultivation started then as he closed his eyes and dedicated himself to practicin

umph! Stop being a liar! Russell is busy in cultivation now. He won't come out and see you!" Alicia took a step forward and scolded him coldly.

"Oh? He is busy in cultivation now?" Patrick Zhen asked in surprise. Alicia had given Patrick some key information that caused his eyes to light up when he heard what she said.

"Alicia, be quiet!" Charlie ordered in a serious tone.

Her father's serious expression made Alicia realize that she had just said something that she was not supposed to say. Pinching her lips together, she stepped back at once.

"Uncle Charlie, is he really in there practicing now?" Patrick questioned him closely, not willing to let useful information slip by.

"Master Charlie, if he really wants to talk to me, here I am!" Ricky's voice rang out before he walked out from behind the Gu Clan members. He knew that it was about time for him to show up. Patrick Zhen would not let Charlie go easily otherwise.

"Russell! You're done with your cultivation!" Seeing Ricky appear, both Tracy and Alicia spoke in low and excited voices.

Charlie also felt very relieved at the sight of Ricky. If the Zhen Clan confirmed that Ricky was practicing in the Gu Clan's home, there might be some terrible consequences since they might do whatever they could to disturb Ricky and make him lose control during cultivation.

"Oh! You must be Russell! My name is Patrick Zhen. I'm here to apologize to you for my brother! I'm really glad to meet you." Patrick walked to Ricky and still spoke in a polite manner. However, a resentful and murderous intent was hiding deep in his eyes. It was not something that was detectable by ordinary people.

"Patrick Zhen, right? So, you are the eldest young master of the Zhen Clan. I killed your younger brother and broke your Elder Keaton's arm off. Now, you are claiming that you came here to apologize to me? Are you serious?" Ricky responded in a distant tone. He was well aware of what kind of person Patrick Zhen was thanks to his acute insight. His gut feelings told him that the man was a vicious cunning fox who knew well how to dig out the information he wanted from others with his fake smile.

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