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   Chapter 218 The Fire Cloud Fist

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Ricky found it both funny and annoying after hearing what Tracy said. They both wanted to seduce him with physical attraction. He was so speechless. 'What kind of man do they think I am?'

The next moment he noticed that Alicia was also standing outside of the door.

"Tracy, is this your father's idea?" Ricky asked as he narrowed his eye in suspicion.

"Of course not. This is nothing to do with our father. We made this decision by ourselves. Besides that fact, our father has been in a semi-conscious condition after taking the Black Poison Flower!" Tracy explained hurriedly after feeling Ricky's anger.

"You guys made that decision on your own?" Ricky asked doubtfully. Ricky's first instinct told him that it was Charlie's scheme. He suspected that he made Tracy and Alicia seduce him in order to use him against the Zhen Clan.

"Russell, you know very well about the current condition of our family. Since you know that, pick one of us! Although my father will recover from his poisoning in several days, his power will still be fatally weakened after that. It will be by a god's blessing if he even still retains the strength of the second grade of Bone Reinforcement," said Tracy seriously.

"My father is the only Bone Reinforcement warrior of our family. The only person who can protect us is lying in bed. I cannot even imagine what will happen to our family if you leave us now. My sister and I thought that the only thing we could give you would be ourselves, so we made this decision...

So Russell, please don't blame us! Believe me when I say we wouldn't have done that if we had a better option! We have to do this for our family!" Tracy said with sadness in her eyes.

Alicia stepped into the doorway at that moment. She also wanted to apologize to Ricky for what they had done.

"Now I understand it," Ricky said. "But all in all, I had said before that I would help you guys solve your problems before my leaving. So, don't worry about it."

"Russell! Thank you so much!" Words failed them after hearing what Ricky said and that was the only thing they could utter.

"If you still feel unsure about that, go find me a book of fire-natured cultivation method," Ricky spoke softly to ease them, sensing their hesitation.

"Ricky, most of the people of our family own the fire-natured spiritual meridian, so we have many books of

y want to share a bed with me?" Ricky asked. He teased them lightly with a wink.

They went out of the room shyly upon hearing that.


"So, it's called the Fire Cloud Fist. I wonder how powerful it is!" Ricky then put his attention on the cultivation method. He unrolled the beast hide the next moment.

When he unrolled it Ricky was so shocked by its content. He stared at the beast hide for a while and could not take his eyes off of it.

"This Fire Cloud Fist is a cultivation method of the intermediate stage of the Black Level!" Ricky blinked his eyes and spoke to himself in disbelief after a while. He could not believe it!

Ricky used to think that the Gu Clan was well-matched in strength with the Nan Clan and the Sun Clan at its peak, so he thought the cultivation method of the Gu Clan would at best be in the inferior stage of Black Level.

He also thought that they would have just brought him a cultivation method at the advanced stage of the Yellow Level. He did not have a lot of expectation put on it.

There was a cultivation method of the intermediate stage of Black Level in his hands thanks to the Gu clan, and he was so excited about it. In terms of Ricky's presented ability, the cultivation method was of great value to him.

At this point, the best cultivate method Ricky mastered was Five Beasts Arts, a cultivation method only at the inferior stage of Black Level.

'It seems that the ancestors of the Gu Clan were quite remarkable!' Ricky sighed with emotion, and then he started to practice the cultivation method immediately.

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