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   Chapter 216 He Had to Help Them

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"Before I came here, the master of the Zhen Clan said that I was still in charge of everything here!" Elder Keaton was furious after Jalen growled at him. His voice was cold with his murderous intent surging towards Jalen.

If Jalen weren't the master's son, he would have beaten him a million times over!

When Jalen felt the real murderous intent coming from Elder Keaton, he had to admit that he was really a coward. He stopping yelling at him because he feared his anger. Although Jalen indulged in tasty wine and beautiful ladies, he was not stupid. It was true that Elder Keaton wouldn't dare to kill him, but he would definitely teach him a lesson and beat the shit out of him if necessary. As for that, well, he bet that his father had no objection.

"Made your choice yet? Charlie, if you can't make up your mind, I can only do what Jalen told me to!" Immediately, Elder Keaton started to threaten Charlie again.

Charlie helplessly looked at Tracy and Alicia and then nodded because he could see there was no other way.

If Charlie was alone and wasn't responsible for the entire Gu Clan, he would absolutely not have made such a humiliating choice. With his daughters and all the people of his clan depending on him, he had no choice.

"Ha-ha, that's right, Charlie. We can finally work this out after you agree!" Elder Keaton laughed loudly when he saw Charlie nod.

"Then after today, please transfer all the properties of the Gu Clan to the Zhen Clan and send your daughters to our clan!"

"Father, don't! I don't want to go to Zhen Clan!" Alicia cried and shouted as soon as she heard that. Tracy also burst into tears, but said nothing as her sister protested.

Charlie could do nothing to stop it. When he looked at his daughters, he felt like he was already torn apart inside.

"Please, Russell, I'm begging you! Help me and my sister!" Alicia realized that there was nothing that her father could do about it. So, she knelt directly in front of Ricky!

This scene naturally attracted the attention of all the warriors!

Only then did they notice that there was another man, a stranger that they had never before seen in the city!

"Who is this young man?" "I don't think I've ever seen him."

"That's not the point. Do you think he is going to be soft-hearted

rm, so he couldn't stand the insult and pain of his broken arm.

"You are nothing but scum. You should die millions of times over, you bastard!" Ricky ruthlessly said when he heard Jalen howl. After he finished his words, he wielded the Iron Destroyer in his left hand and pressed it to Jalen's neck. The howling stopped abruptly.

"NO!" Elder Keaton shouted again, but it was too late. Before he could do anything Jalen was dead. Ricky tossed his body on the ground.

Ricky was not obsessed with killing, but he knew that only death could stop people like Jalen. If he let him go, he would just keep harassing those poor people. As for Ricky, well, he didn't care about that at all, but Alicia and her sister were innocent people!

Moreover, he didn't want to leave any loose ends. It was true that a little bug couldn't threaten him at all, but once the bug could influence others, it would definitely make a difference!

"Killed...He was killed. That young man actually killed Jalen. That was so quick!" Looking at the corpse on the ground, warriors around were shocked again!

"He's dead! How dare you kill Jalen?!" Elder Keaton stumbled to get up from the ground and spoke in shock. Although he didn't care whether Jalen was dead or not, he would be the one to blame because Jalen died under his watch.

With the cruel and fierce nature of the master of Zhen Clan, he would be cruelly punished even if he didn't need to die.

After all, there was a huge difference between Jalen's death and Jalen's being beaten!

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