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   Chapter 215 Bastard

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The Gu Clan was located in the west of Water Fire City. They owned a lot of land, and all kinds of inns and trading halls were positioned after another. They too were the Clan's property.

Typically, it would be bustling with noise and excitement, with hawkers who set up shop along the street. But today, it was very quiet and the atmosphere was a little tense.

Almost all of the warriors were gathered in front of the gate of Gu Clan!

It seemed that something had happened in there.

"Uncle Charlie, today I'm here to ask you for the hand of your daughter with utmost sincerity. As long as you promise to marry your daughter to me, the two of us will become one family. The Water Fire City will be controlled by you and my father!"

a brash voice sounded from the crowd. Although it sounded diplomatic, there were untoward implications between the lines. Everyone could hear that!

The voice came from a young man dressed in splendid robes. He was at the seventh grade of Blood Purification. However, his handsome face didn't have the intense blood vitality that the warriors of Blood Purification should have. Instead, he lacked vital energy, and everybody knew that it was because of his excessive drinking and other indulgent vices.

Near the young man stood an old man. His entire being screamed of arrogance and disdain. He thought of himself so highly because he was at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement, which was higher than many of the other warriors in the Water Fire City!

In front of the young man and the old man, a middle-aged man sat on a chair. He looked very weak and was surrounded by many young warriors!

But alas, among these young warriors who guarded him, the highest ranking one was only at the seventh grade of Blood Purification!

"Jalen is humiliating the Gu Clan. He offered to just take a thousand silver coins as the dowry to marry Charlie's two daughters. That is a threat!" the surrounding crowd muttered to each other.

"It's not surprising because this is a competitive world. Now, the master from Gu Clan is poisoned and w

hing his wounded hand.

"Elder Keaton, why are you standing there like a post? Help me take off this bitch's clothes. I'm going to have sex with her here to show her who's boss!" Jalen spun around and roared at the old man who was at the second grade of Bone Refinement.

All the warriors present were utterly disgusted with what Jalen had said.

Even Elder Keaton was also disgusted with Jalen's words, but he had no choice but to obey his employer!

"Little girl, you'd better listen to him and take off your clothes by yourself. If you behave, you won't get hurt!" Elder Keaton said nonchalantly. Then his power at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement sprang out threateningly.

Immediately, Tracy's face turned pale. Her eyes filled with fear at what was about to happen to her.

"Rupert, if you're a man just come out and meet me face to face. There's no need to send your son to do your dirty work!" Charlie shouted, looking at the sky.

"Charlie, you won't see Master Rupert today unless you submit to our Zhen Clan. Otherwise, I'll help Jalen do what he wants to your daughter!" Elder Keaton replied harshly.

"So, if you don't want your two daughters to get hurt, make up your mind! I'll give you time to think about that!"

"Elder Keaton, didn't you hear my words clearly? Just take off this bitch's clothes now!" Jalen impatiently roared like a spoiled brat.

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