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   Chapter 214 The Gu Clan From The Heaven Wood Land

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"Ha-ha, my pleasure to help such beautiful ladies like you!" Ricky replied jokingly. But kidding aside, even if they had not been pretty young women, Ricky would have still given them a hand. One of his distinct attributes was being kind, after all.

Both of the two young women flushed upon hearing Ricky's words. They were rarely complimented on their appearance so blatantly and felt quite bashful.

They did not fear Ricky or find him annoying, even if he was making rather flirtatious remarks. They could tell that he had no malice behind his words. Everyone appreciated beautiful things or faces in the world after all, and Ricky was no exception.

Somehow, they had a gut feeling that the man in front of them was a decent, righteous, and great man.

"Ha-ha! All right. My name is Russell. May I know yours?" Ricky asked with a kind smile, looking them in their eyes.

He had to come up with a false identity in order to escape the assassins from the Realm of Wildness. The mask Zenith had given him came in handy, and he needed a new fake name to go with it.

"My name is Tracy Gu. This is Alicia Gu, my sister. Nice to meet you, Russell!"

the older girl said.

But all of a sudden, the moment she finished speaking, her face turned deathly pale. The black toxin had already spread all over her body. She screamed in pain and then blacked out.

"Tracy!" Alicia paled at once upon seeing her elder sister faint. She hurriedly reached out and pulled Tracy against her body.

"Damn it! She is in an extremely dangerous state now. The toxin is killing her!" Ricky concluded, his brows furrowed. He knelt down to feel Tracy's pulse.

"What should we do? Russell, help her, please! I beg you!" Alicia grew panicked, tears welling up in her eyes. Now, she was all alone without her elder sister to guide her. This man was the only person she could turn to. He had helped them defeat that beast earlier. She could tell he was powerful and wished that he could bring Tracy back.

"Let me try!" Ricky nodded.

"Put her on the ground!" he said, already thinking of a way to save Tracy. "Yes!" Alicia sobbed as she carefully did what Ricky had ordered. Then, Ricky squatted down, put his hand above the wound on Tracy's arm, and activated the Devouring Skill. He was trying to suck the venom out of her body by using its power. Alicia stood aside and stared at Ricky. 'Please, please. Wake up, Tracy!' she prayed in her heart, crossing her fingers. A worried expression had come over her delicate face. The Devouring Skill was indeed a powerful cultivation method and worked quite well. Before long, Tracy's face returned to its normal complexion. A rosy flush came onto her cheeks, indicating that blood circulation had returned.

However, she did not wake up. What was worse was that her breathing was beginning to falter.

"Why? Russell, I don't understand! The venom was already sucked out! Why didn't she wake up? She's dying!" Alicia choked back sobs.

"The venom has circulated her body for a while. What's more, the toxin is from a Black Marsh Python. It's very powerful and strong. Now it has already seeped into the bones. Even though part of the venom was sucked out, there is still a certa

feuding all the time. Now, the Gu Clan was at a disadvantage as their population decreased. So far, there were less than thirty people in total in the Gu Clan.

However, it still remained one of the most powerful families in the city. This good reputation was all thanks to their father, a warrior at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Now, their father was hurt badly by the Double-tailed Scorpion, a beast at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement. Even if the flower they brought back could cure him, he would not be as powerful as he had been in the past. It was foreseeable that their enemy, the Zhen Clan, would do whatever they could to strike the Gu Clan while it was weak.

Everyone from the Gu Clan were well aware of their dangerous situation. So Alicia and Tracy offered to go to the jungle in search for the antidote, the Black Poison Flower.

'It seems that I'm going to live a rather chaotic life in the Gu Clan!' Ricky thought to himself after he learned about this.

However, now that he had already promised to visit the Gu Clan, he could not go back on his word. 'Chaotic life? Hmm, so what? I've never lived a peaceful life, anyway!' Ricky teased himself quietly.

Once they entered the territory of the Water Fire City, Tracy and Alicia attracted some attention. They were quite famous thanks to their family as well as their beauty.

People in the city also noticed Ricky. They stared at him with envious eyes.

Of course, a man accompanied by two pretty and well-known ladies would be enough to make other men envious.

Soon, Ricky noticed that many warriors whispered as they stared at Tracy and Alicia. Something bad seemed to have happened.

The sisters were observant and also noticed the murmurs. They exchanged anxious looks, their faces growing taut.

"Russell, I'm afraid something might have happened to my family. Can we speed up?" Tracy turned to Ricky and asked in a worried tone, worry growing in her heart. She felt extremely uneasy.

"Yes, sure. I'm going with you! Let's move!" Ricky replied with a nod. He understood their concern. What could have happened while they were gone?

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