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   Chapter 213 Rescuing The Damsels In Distress

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Once more, Ricky could truly feel the warmth of his body and the extent of his inherent power. The mark of the Heavy Melting Pagoda was still there on his arm. Although Alva had already fallen into a deep sleep, Ricky could still feel his presence.

"But how is that possible? How could I have entered the space in my own body?" Ricky murmured to himself. Although he knew that this was something had already happened, he still found it hard to believe.

"The state of my body seems to be renewed," Ricky said, rather excited at this discovery.

After that, he slowly spread his hands. With the thought of releasing the devouring power and the power of the Chaotic Fire in his mind, those powers were immediately set forth, apparently without the help of his regained spiritual meridian!

He then checked one more time in his mind and found that his regained spiritual meridian, Devourer Zone and Chaotic Fire Zone were still there.

And in the Chaotic Fire Zone, he even saw another Ricky, who wore exactly the same expression at the moment.

"Are… Are all these really true? There are two Chaotic Fire Zones and two mes at the same time?" Ricky pondered, still in disbelief.

For quite a while, Ricky was dumbfounded.

Gradually, he calmed down and began to wrack his brain, wondering how he could get out of the current Chaotic Fire Zone.

'Based on the current situation, I believe that I am completely integrated with my regained spiritual meridian. If this is so, does that mean I can really manipulate these two zones now?' Ricky thought.

To test his suspicions, Ricky released his mind to detect the entire Chaotic Fire Zone.

In a split second, his mind had directly covered the entirety of the spacious Chaotic Fire Zone.

'Wow, I was right. Just like Heaven Melting Pagoda, now the two zones can also be used by me. What's more, the two supreme cultivation methods are completely integrated into the depths of my being, ' Ricky thought happily.

The next moment, Ricky easily came out of Chaotic Fire Zone as soon as his mind thought of getting out of it.

Of course, up to now, he still could not figure out how he had been able to enter the Chaotic Fire Zone and why he saw another Ricky in his Soul Sea.

'Perhaps, my strength and insights are not enough!' thought Ricky.

He put the Heaven Mel

However, it was impossible for Alicia to run, and it would only take another second for her to become food of the Black Marsh Python.

"Oh, why the little girls nowadays are so naughty? With only a little strength, they even dare to come to this place where fierce beasts at the Bone Reinforcement haunt!" a lazy voice sounded abruptly just then.

Then, a Whiz Fist, piercing the air, landed a violent blow on the Black Marsh Python's mouth.

"Snap!" The sound of something breaking rang out. The two huge fangs of the Black Marsh Python had snapped right in two, and the Python dropped on the ground with a loud hiss.

The two women then saw the red flaming blade of a saber dropping from a giant tree, along with the black shadow of a man, hacking hard at the body of the Python. The next moment the Python had been cut into two halves, its blood spattering everywhere.

"Once again, I am the hero that rescues damsels in distress!" Ricky said with great satisfaction. After putting away the Iron Destroyer, he turned his attention on the two women, with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Little girls, are you all right?" Ricky asked gently.

Ricky was wearing a mask now, which made him look very handsome and radiant. Besides, he just rescued them. The two women were dumbfounded at first, and then their cheeks flushed red as they felt a little embarrassed.

"Thanks... Thank you so much for saving us!" the two women expressed their deepest appreciation after they realized what just happened, breathing hard and trying to calm down.

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